In Defense of 'Slutty' Halloween Costumes

sugar skull costume

Oh Halloween ... the time of year when even the undead prance around in skimpy outfits and manage to look devastatingly sexy. Some women really enjoy letting loose and having a deviously good time. There is the adorable Elvis in a skin-tight white jumpsuit, the 'zexy' zombie with blood and guts and a really short skirt, and of course what is the holiday without a fresh little French maid or two? Of course, it's also the time of year when people's claws come out and bash or shame the women who choose to wear these sexy costumes. And I just don't get it.



Every year you have those who roll their eyes at the ladies who choose to be the sexy whatever. Aren't there better things to get upset about? Like lying politicians? Starving children? The crime rates or unemployment stats?

Let's remember, Halloween is one time a year, a time to HAVE FUN, take a moment out of our sometimes super-stressful lives to indulge in fantasy. If a woman wants to be a sexy mortician, she should be the sexiest mortician she can be. (That's a great costume idea, don't you think? And your man could be the handsome corpse!) And if someone doesn't like that, guess what? That person has this magical power that isn't just available during this mystical time of year -- they can look away!

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This kind of reminds me of how people get so upset and uptight when they see a mom breastfeeding her baby in public. (Okay, it's NOT the same, I know, but there is a similarity.) Think it's obscene? Don't look?! Quite simple.

Considering I have both breastfeed my twins in public and have worn countless 'slutty' Halloween costumes (sometimes not even on Halloween), the side I take here isn't shocking. Heck, there have been times I've seen a woman dressed as a nun on October 31st with the long black schmatza on and think ... hem that baby up about 36 inches and put on some knee high boots and bright red lipstick and let's have a party!

Why do some people get so upset about this? Can't we have the slutty costumes mixed in with the very conservative ones, too? It would be awfully boring if everyone wore Frankenstein masks, don't you think?

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