'Project Runway' Recap: The Winner Is a Major Letdown!

project runway anya ayoung-cheeTonight was THE night! The Project Runway runway finale featuring the moment we've all been waiting for: New York Fashion Week and finding out who was crowned the winning designer of season 9. Four made it this far, to show at Fashion Week: Kimberly Goldson, Joshua McKinley, Anya Ay-Young Chee, and Viktor Luna. While the designers themselves claimed they believed that, at this point, it was "anyone's game," I'm not so sure.

The first half of the show was spent tidying up or completely overhauling their 10-piece collections, which was made a WHOLE lot easier once Tim gifted them with $500 to spend in 30 minutes at a last-ditch trip to Mood. Anya clearly had the most to gain from this, being that the judges were not so pleased with her mini collection. She also seemed to be the one who had been at the greatest risk of being out last week.


So it wasn't all that surprising that she grabbed a ton of totally different fabric (mostly black, white, and flowy) and got to work making all new looks. Kimberly and Joshua also seemed to be doing minor overhauls, while Viktor seemed to be simply perfecting his line and creating a couple of new (and, let's be honest, totally flawless!) designs.

But before we knew it, it was on to the runway at Lincoln Center. And I've gotta say, you could really see that Anya "pulled a rabbit out of a hat" at the last minute, whipping out 10 flowy, delightfully Caribbean looks. Seriously -- how on earth does she do that?! But ultimately, I thought her looks seemed very "one-note" like Michael Kors said. Like you could buy them in a shop on a beach vacation, but that's it. On the other hand, Josh had a soft-meets-hard, fun, bright, edited-style, solid collection ... although I wasn't really in love with the neoprene and electric green shorts! Kimberly presented her modern, gorgeous, urban-glam vision. And Viktor's self-made prints mixed with clean-tailored black looks were absolutely impeccable, exquisite, and definitely editorial. His was my fave.

But in the end, the judges gave the grand prize to ... ANYA. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! The rationale was that they could see what an "Anya line" and "Anya following" would look like, but isn't that just like how you can visualize what you'd wear to the beach? Sigh. I'm not saying the woman didn't make some beautiful pieces, but seriously, I feel a bit gypped. Where's the tailoring? Where's the diversity? How many versions of the same dress can one line have? How could all different types of women in various climates wear her looks? Not gonna happen. Like the judges said, not every woman can "float around" in a caftan all over the world all the time. Laaaaaaaame! Ah, well. Hopefully, someone who knows better was paying attention at Fashion Week and will give Viktor a call. Because his pieces were the ones that will truly sell.

How do you feel about Anya winning?


Image via Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

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