Courtney Stodden Defends Pumpkin Picking Outfit by Calling Moms Jealous (VIDEO)

courtney stoddenAnother day, another Courtney Stodden blooper. Well, would we say blooper? Is that the right word? Maybe I should say: Another day, another reason to feel really, really sad for Courtney Stodden. She just keeps making these terrible, terrible decisions. First, there was the outfit she wore pumpkin picking. We all saw them, we all vommed. Now she's gone on Dr. Drew to defend her outfit choice and things have gone from bad to worse.

Courtney disses moms and actually tries to argue that her pumpkin patch outfit was kid-friendly.


I can't. I cannot. I canNOT. Let's continue.

Courtney and husband Doug told Dr. Drew that moms wanted Courtney to leave the family-centric pumpkin patch because they were jealous, not because they were worried about their children being over-exposed to overt and, yeah, I'll say this, disturbing sexuality. And Doug, who tries so so so very hard to talk in articulate, calm sentences, says that people were enjoying Courtney's look.

According to Doug, kids thought Courtney was some sort of pumpkin picking princess mascot. Then Courtney, oblivious to the fact that Doug was trying to smooth over the hubbub about her barely-there shorts and egregious cleavage, chimes in with "the dads loved it, tee hee hee!" Oops.

Twice Doug and Courtney use air-quotes to describe the "concerned moms" who asked the owners to get them out of there, implying that they didn't care about their kids, they only cared about themselves. Their ignorance has reached a new level.

If Courtney wants to think that women have a problem with her clothing, or lack thereof, because we're jealous, so be it. Fact of the matter is most of us are kinda worried about her. She's not even 18! She's been brainwashed! I'm sure a lot of us just want to run up to her with a bathrobe and a warm cup of tea and help her come back down to reality. Her fashion choices are clearly the least of her deep-down problems.

Watch Courtney and Doug defend her outfit:

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