H&M 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' Collection Looks Rad

h&m girl dragon tattooFirst there was the Mad Men collection for Banana Republic, now there's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo line for H&M. Trish Summerville, the movie's costume designer, is behind the 30-piece collection that takes inspiration from the film's lead bad-ass lady-hacker, Lisbeth Salander. Needless to say, there's nothing girly about the looks -- the color palette only ranges from deep maroon to black and there seems to be no dearth of cropped leather jackets.

So if you liked the Dragon Tattoo books and liked the grunge look of the '90s, you're going to love this derivative.


Because it's basically just like the messy Seattle look that we all dabbled in 10 years ago, just without the flannel and with fewer Doc Martins. (Don't worry, though, there's a distressed lace-up boot in the collection.) It's also reminiscent of what I see teen girls wearing on the F train to Brooklyn. It's nothing particularly new, but there are some upsides.

Prices in the collection range from $3.99 for cheap "hard-core" accessories to $199 for the leather goods, and it will be in 175 stores and online by December 14. I'll admit, I'm kind of interested.

As Summerville said, Lisbeth's look is "really lived in," and that appeals to me. I like something slouchy, something a little faded, something that looks like I got it out of my dad's closet even though I bought it at Madewell for $70. Sounds like now I can get that at H&M for less than half that price. Win.

I think the Dragon Tattoo collection will be successful, and after the weird Versace collaboration, it might be what H&M needs. I mean, have you seen the Versace stuff? Bizarre. Anyway, I wonder if Summerville's capsule collection does well, they'll release a second one when the movie sequel comes out. And then a third. And then a fourth. That's a lot of Lisbeth looks! Can we handle it?

Do you like the H&M Girl With the Dragon Tattoo looks?


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