The Ultimate 'Glam Fairy' Makeover Is More than 'Jerseylicious'

glam fairy alexa prisco and castIf you followed Jerseylicious (or you even happened to catch the South Park episode that poked fun at all the Jersey-based reality shows), you're probably familiar with makeup artist extraordinaire Alexa Prisco aka "The Glam Fairy." Prisco may have left the Gatsby Salon in season two of Jerseylicious, but she's back now, running her own biz, The Glam Factory, and starring in a brand new show, airing Sunday nights on the Style Network, called Glam Fairy.

Glam Fairy is the kind of series that feels right at home with past can't-miss-TV-makeover shows, like those on Ricki Lake or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. But being that the Glam Factory is based in Jersey, you might expect their makeovers to be a bit more Snooki than Serena Van der Woodsen, right? But that's not really the case! In the first episode of the series, the team took on a group of Jersey moms, and the results were stunning. And I'd attribute that to the Glam Fairy makeover philosophy.


We caught up with both Alexa and the "Hair Fairy" Sharie Manon about what the ultimate Glam Fairy makeover is all about.

Who are some of the clients in this first season of Glam Fairy, and how have you approached their makeovers?

Alexa: Mommies who feel they’ve lost their sexiness, female football players, drag queens ... We believe that makeup and hair isn’t a true transformation. It's about what steps you need to take to make people feel fully made-over. For instance, [with the] female football players, they felt that they weren't feminine enough. So before transforming them, you have to make them walk in heels. It's about embracing people as human beings at every age, every weight, every wrinkle. It's not about being skinny, having long hair, and looking perfect. It's about making people feel beautiful.

Sharie: We're dealing with all different types of women, different age, size women. Some women are moms, some are not. Yes, we have our spin which is a little bit shiny and glittery, but at the end of the day, very serious makeovers get done, and women's lives change in a very positive way.

What's the craziest thing you've had to confront in a makeover?

Sharie: I had a woman who colored her hair with a permanent magic marker and looked at me and said she didn't do anything to her hair! It wasn't even hair color; it was Sharpie marker!!

What kind of advice would you give women who are like the moms you made over on the show, who are hoping to revive their style?

Alexa:  It's not necessarily about following trends as it is about taking two steps to make yourself feel good, like painting your nails or blowing out your hair. It's about feeling confident.

What's your take on the stereotypical "Jersey look"?

Sharie: The look is a little more fun and a little bit more daring. Some people will call it gaudy, and call it what you will, but it's kind of putting the fun back in fashion again!


What do you think about The Glam Fairy philosophy?


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