Get Colorful Candy Corn Nails This Halloween (PHOTOS)

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candy corn nailsI'm a bit of a nail polish addict. So whenever a fun holiday rolls around, I'm always experimenting with fun, crafty new ways to spice up my at-home manicure. After seeing a few different tutorials around the web showing how to make candy corn nails perfect for Halloween, it was naturally something I just had to try myself.

With some orange, yellow, and white nail polish in hand, a roll of Scotch tape, and my fave top coat, I was ready to go!

Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to re-create this fun look on your own:

First, I rounded up my supplies:

candy corn nails

In order to do polish stripes, you're going to need thin pieces of tape. I didn't have the thinner size on hand, so I chose to just cut 10 strips on my own from our office roll. 

candy corn nails

All lined up and ready to go! Now, the painting begins! Start by painting your nails with your orange polish.

candy corn nails

It's VERY important to give the orange coat enough time to dry completely -- at least an hour or two. You will be putting tape on top of this orange "base" coat, and the last thing you want is for the color to peel off.

Next, place a piece of thin tape across the center of each nail:

candy corn nails

Make sure the tape is flat across the nail so you get a nice crisp line between colors. Paint the bottom of the nail white:

candy corn nails

Looks great, right? Now on to the yellow:

candy corn nails

Give the layers of polish at least 20 minutes to dry completely, then carefully remove the pieces of tape. Finish off with your top coat and voilà!

candy corn nails

No lie: Three people stopped me on the street yesterday afternoon telling me how much they liked my festive nails! It's always fun to be admired, right? While I understand that this look may not be the most professional, it's all in the spirit of the season. And the best part? If you're not 100 percent decided on a costume yet, at least you've got one of the most important accessories down!

candy corn nails

Happy Halloween! Are you a fan of the candy corn mani?

Images via Emily Abbate & Lindsay Mannering

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Doomy234 Doomy234

Yes I actually had a similar idea, but I dont have a banana yellow nailpolish so I considered doing it black, orange and white instead. :)

Monar... Monarch101286

I wish id seen this post yesterday before getting my nails done

nonmember avatar chicab

Ooooooo I like it!!! I just had my nails painted orange and black - vertical stripes....they look really good!!

MMbales MMbales

that is so cute and creative!

ceciliam ceciliam

That is really cute but not really my thing.

maril... marilu1663

I love this idea too bad I just had my nails done


Its beautiful..I love it! 

Deborah Eubanks

brilliant! I love it, absolutely brilliant!

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