Megan Fox Seriously Needs to Lay Off the Botox


megan foxMegan Fox has done it again. Her face is just bursting with Botox and I'm afraid it could pop. Not sure what the 25-year-old stunner was thinking, but messing with her beautiful and youthful face is only making her look older, weirder, and not just a little bit like Carrot Top. When you've got a slim body and arms that rival Madonna's, a face that taught and plump just looks bizarre.

Of course there are plastic surgeons who haven't operated on Megan who are coming forward and saying that this could be the result of weight gain. My ass it is. These docs just want to get their name in the press. Someone needs to tell it like it is, and if that has to be me, so be it.

Megan has put so much filler in her face, other stars should be worried about a Botox shortage. It's possible she used up the entire state's supply of the stuff. Maybe she's trying to spite Lindsay Lohan, maybe Megan thinks she needs it, or maybe she's following the terrible suggestions of her has-been 90210 husband, who knows. But she needs to cut it out.

She used to be so pretty! It's so frustrating. Now she looks like she could star as the attractive 40-year-old mother with body dysmorphic issues on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Stop the madness, Megs!

Unfortunately this isn't the first time she's gotten a (mostly, if not entirely) negative response to plumping up her face like a farmer fattens up a pig before slaughter. Back in July, she posted photos on her Facebook page that were supposed to dispel the rumors she had Botox, but they pretty much only confirmed them. And now this. If she goes to Facebook again and tells me she hasn't had fillers, I will laugh in her puffed-up face.

She, Ali Lohan, and Ashlee Simpson should just start a Let's Do It and Say We Didn't club and sit around the medi-spas all day denying there are needles in their foreheads. It'd be so fun for everyone.

Do you think Megan Fox should lay off the fillers and let her natural beauty shine through?


Photo via Splash News

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Keith Whitby

this poster is an idiot botox and fillers arent the same thing! you can tell from her arms she has gained weight not got fillers

check out this video of her from a few days ago she looks great

Nraw2011 Nraw2011

(Eyeroll) She just looks like she gained weight. 


Wow, I know nothing of such stupid star related things but even *I* know botox is not a filler. Why do I continue to click on your articles?

nonmember avatar amelia

You obviously haven't kept up with news about Megan.
People thought she'd lost too much weight, so she's been trying (and succeeding) to gain weight to get her curves back.

So yeah, she has just gained weight.

Kritika Kritika

The author is an idiot. For someone trying to act like they know SO MUCH about plastic surgery, she should know that Botox is not a filler. And yes, she does look like she just put on weight. I just jumped from 105 to 115 and I had a similar change in my face - it's called going from emaciated to NORMAL.

nonmember avatar AL

Not to mention the use of the word "taught" instead of "taut".

Samal... Samallama

She looks different, yes. It may just be because of weight gain, though. She does look bigger. 

nonmember avatar kay

A few months ago she spoke about how she WAS living as a vegan but she just felt that she was too thin and wasn't her healthiest and she decided to stop living vegan and intended to gain weight. Nice....a beautiful actress finally says she feels TOO thin and actually wants to gain weight and here goes this blooger talking about how horrible and old she looks. Lovely.

tuffy... tuffymama


Sidthe Sidthe

I agree with Kay geesh people are all up in arms because she's too thin and then when she tries to gain weight (please just please look at the rest of her poor girl is trying and succeeding in gaining weight) it's negative. No winning whichever way she goes!!!

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