Julianne Hough Shows Us Short Hair Can Be Gorgeous

julianne houghJulianne Hough debuted an adorable new 'do on Monday, fresh off her Footloose press tour. The style? A long-ish, half-curled, tousled bob. Love!

Julianne always looks lovely, and her longer locks suited her just fine, but I'm going to say something controversial here: I think Julianne's decision to lose some of the length was a good move. She looks much more polished and sophisticated with this style -- and, along with Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker, the ex-Dancing With the Stars member seems to be at the forefront of a trend.


Once upon a time in Hollywood, every actress, singer, and reality show star didn't have unusually long, mind-bogglingly thick, absurdly shiny hair. They had regular hair like you and me. But then, the more pervasive and individualized hair extensions got, well, lengthy beauteous hair was everywhere!

And it looked good. On most people. For a while. But then, certain celebs, not mentioning any names (Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears), took them too far, or just straight-up didn't take care of them, and extensions started to get an association with looking/being "cheap." They officially got a bad rap. And not to mention, dear Lord, were they tiresome. Even if actresses really do have nice, long hair of their own, people are now suspicious that a weave lurks somewhere underneath. So, what are some stars doing now? Choppy-chop-chopping.

Maybe Julianne, Jen, and Brooklyn all got sick of the maintenance their long manes required, or maybe they just wanted a change. Whatever the reason, I'm all for it. Because they don't just look good, they look different from all the rest.

Do you like Julianne's shorter hair?

Image via Splash

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