'Rachel Zoe Project' Finale Recap: Dreams & Salami Aplenty


Rachel ZoeIt was such a happy, happy finale for The Rachel Zoe Project tonight. From Rachel and Rodger fawning over baby Skyler to Jeremiah Brent being welcomed back into the fold, there were dreams coming true every which way.

First up, watching Rachel as a mother wasn't as awkward as expected. In fact, even though she "styles" him instead of dressing him, she seems like a natural for the most part. Natural, but with a fierce fashion edge. For example, her bedtime story to him went something like this: "There once was a little boy who was a little prince, and he loves Ralph Lauren, he loves Missoni, he loves Stella McCartney ... "

After just six weeks, she headed back to work ... and took Skyler with her. Her childcare plan is to just take him wherever she goes, and why not? There are plenty of assistants on hand to help out when she needs it. He went to his first photo shoot, and was by her side and in her arms no matter what she did. That might be more difficult the older and more mobile he gets, but if anyone can make it work, Rachel will.

Speaking of making it work, Jeremiah got another chance to wow Rachel, and once again he killed it designing her store-in-store space at Bloomingdale's. His work earned Rachel eight stores, and she finally realized just how much she wanted him in the company.

"He’s really talented ... and he wants to be a part of this company," she told Rodger. "I like anyone who's enthusiastic and works his ass off. Plus, he looks so cute every day. Have you ever seen him in a bad outfit? No."

And with that, Jeremiah's dream came true. They decided to offer him a permanent job, though what he'll be doing isn't clear. Hooray, Jeremiah is there to stay! He certainly has earned it, and he really is cute. They broke the news to him at a barbecue Rachel and Rodger hosted at their new home to thank the employees for all their hard work. The party was complete with friendship, fun, and lots of Rachel's famous salami -- it was a big deal to everyone, though to me it just looked like she slathered it in marmalade and baked it.

It was all so joyous, and when Rachel cried at the end and said she felt like she was "living a dream," it didn't even feel fake or cheesy. I even teared up because it was all just so pretty and lovely ... and because I desperately want that dress she was wearing.

Are you glad to see Jeremiah Brent permanently join Rachel Zoe's team?

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nonmember avatar bobbi

Jeremiah is the best for the show

nonmember avatar Paula

Thanx for hiring back Jeremiah. He's talented, gorgeous & a really NICE guy! I didn't like how Rodger handled things!

nonmember avatar Bonnie

Love Jeremiah and also want the salami recipe!!

Michele D'Anjolell


1 large soft salami (2 pounds)
1 1/2 cups honey mustard
1 1/2 cups apricot or peach preserves

Preheat oven to 350. In a small sauce pan, over medium heat, combine mustard and jam. Stir constantly until mixture is well combines and bubbly. Place salami on wire rack on a cookie sheet. (Hint: Spray the cookie sheet with non-stick baking spray for easier clean-up.) Make 6-8 diagonal slits in the top of the salami. Brush mustard mixture onto salami. Bake for 1 hour basting every 15 minutes. Remove the salami from the oven and place on a cutting board with a knife to let your guests serve themselves. Serve with crackers or rye bread. Serves 12 to 14 as an appetizer.

Michele D'Anjolell

Not sure if that's hers but it's one I found

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