Zombie Boy in Best Concealer Advertisement Ever (VIDEO)

Zombie BoySo many concealers contain promises to cover over every imperfection -- but you get home with them and they're no better than the cheap stuff you'd find at the drugstore.

Well, Dermablend was so confident that its "coverage cosmetics" are the bomb that the makeup company produced a video in which Dermablend makeup artists attempted to cover up ALL of fashion model/muse Zombie Boy's tattoos.

Were they successful?

Let me just say that you've definitely got to SEE this video to BELIEVE it.

Check it out after the jump!


Trust me. This video is TOTALLY worth watching ... and strangely touching. Check it out here:


I was actually shocked at how good-looking and clean-cut Zombie Boy is without his tattoos. It made me kind of sad seeing him look at his tattoo-free self for the first time in a long time, and I had to wonder if he missed that face and secretly wished he could have it back.

But then he wouldn't be famous, now, would he?

Anyway, Dermablend reports that only three products were used to cover up Zombie Boy's tattoos: Leg and Body Tattoo Primer, Leg and Body Cover SPF 15, and Setting Powder.

Hard to believe, isn't it?

I've tried Dermablend before and really liked it. It'll cost you, but a little bit goes a verrrry long way. CLEARLY.

So what do you think of Zombie Boy's amazing transformation? Does it make you want some Dermablend for yourself?


Image via Dermablend

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