The Weird Way Calvin Klein Tried to Woo Kate Middleton

kate middletonI bet if we could get inside the mind of every fashion designer right now, we'd find the same question lingering in all of them: How can I dress Kate Middleton?

To dress Kate now, as Rachel Zoe would say -- is everything. Whether she likes it or not, she is the creme de la creme in the world of style. And since we're well-aware that each of her clothing choices -- and the designers who make them -- are ever-so-precisely selected, well, it's quite an honor to be on Kate's back, now isn't it?

It is! Which is why designers are clamoring left and right to dress the Duchess. Whether they're singing her praises (Betsey Johnson and everyone else in the world), or they're bashing her (Vivienne Westwood; reverse psychology much?), they all are vying for a way to get into the future queen's closet.

But Calvin Klein's way is just flat-out weird.


Francisco Costa, Head of Design at Calvin Klein, has said he’d love to work with the Duchess of Cambridge, saying that she has “amazing hair” and “great teeth.” Also, he thinks her look is "All American." Wha?

First of all, yes, Kate does have amazing hair, and I guess now that he mentions it, great teeth, but ... so do a lot of other women -- famous and otherwise. And ... what an odd way to try to woo someone. Why not just say he thinks their clothes would look fabulous on her (they would) and send her some swag?

Also, not sure if anyone noticed, but Kate isn't just English, she is England. She's the future queen, for God's sake. Saying that she's "All American" isn't necessarily going to be a compliment to her -- and Lord knows it definitely won't be one to Queen Elizabeth.

So, Calvin Klein folk, it was a valiant effort, but ... I really think you guys just lost out on your chance to dress fashion's hottest commodity. Great teeth ...

Do you think these are weird compliments?


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