Man Uses Plastic Surgery to Transform Himself Into Superman (VIDEO)

superman plastic surgeryThere's a guy in the Philippines who has transformed himself into Superman. Like, entirely. Like his face looks like Christopher Reeve, only plastic and smaller. His name is Herbert Chavez and he's 35 years old, although he looks no older than 15, and lives in an apartment covered in Man of Steel memorabilia. Chavez has undergone countless plastic surgeries including getting lip injections, cheek implants, some eye work, and thigh implants, and that's probably not even the half of it. But know what? Dude looks good.


We've all seen the botched plastic surgery jobs -- from the Cat Lady to Heidi Montag to Lindsay Lohan to Adrienne Maloof, ladies out there can look absolutely terrible when they've gone under the knife 10 too many times. But Chavez? He looks great! And considering the before and after ... it's amazing that he's made such a complete transformation. I don't even think he looks creepy. Maybe in person, but on the Internet he looks pretty ... and I don't know how else to say this ... good.

superman beforeBefore

Naturally a lot of people are suggesting that Chavez has a severe form of body dysmorphic disorder, and yeah, I'd agree. I mean if you're going to do a 180 on your face, usually that's a sign that somethin' ain't right upstairs.

Also kind of curious how he paid for all of it ... apparently he's a "pageant trainer." I suppose that means he, uh, trains women to win, uh, pageants. I don't know what kind of money one rakes in doing such things, but I'd be shocked to learn it's enough to fund 1,000,000 cosmetic surgeries. 

Chavez has received a lot of media attention over the last few weeks and hopefully that's what he wanted. He's now known worldwide for his super Superman metamorphosis and fame can do crazy things to anyone, stable or not. Hopefully he has a Lois Lane somewhere in his life to keep him grounded. Literally. Because although he looks like the hero in tights, he shouldn't try to fly.

Watch his story to see his transformation:

What do you think of this extreme plastic surgery?


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