Watch Out 'Twilight,' Here Comes 'The Hunger Games'

Entertainment WeeklyIf you're sad about the inevitable end of the Twilight Saga movies, here's some good news.

The first movie from The Hunger Games trilogy is due out this spring, and if the advance photos are any indication, it's going to have all the same excitement and love triangle romance that helped make Twilight such a hit.

I'm loving this photo of Jennifer Lawrence as Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and I can totally see her tough/beautiful look influencing fashion trends, much like Twilight did.

This is good news for moms, since we have to look tough and beautiful most of the time!

Check out more photos from the making of Hunger Games after the jump, then tell me if you're a fan of this post-apocolyptical look.



The Hunger GameI love Katniss's outfit in this shot -- I'm hoping riding boots continue on into the next fall season, and woodsy colors would be a nice switch from the jewel tones of this season.


The Hunger GamesAnd of course, the side braid is a TOTAL WIN. If your hair's long enough, I hope you're rocking this look right now. It really does look good on everyone, and it's perfect for a bad hair day.

I'm reading the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy and I have to say, Jennifer Lawrence seems perfectly cast as the heroine. If you haven't read the series yet, DO IT. You will LOVE it. It's every bit as much fun as the Twilight book series, and you'll want to read these books before you see the movies.

In the meantime, what do you think of these advance photos? Are you excited about the film's premiere this spring? Have you read the books?


Images via Entertainment Weekly, Lionsgate

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