A DIY Makeup Magnet Board: Possibly the Best Idea Ever

Laura ThoughtsI was tootling around the Internet this morning when I came across a craft blog post containing a truly original and marvelous makeup storage idea.

It comes from mom and craft blogger Laura, of Laura Thoughts, who, like most of us, had a disorganized mishmash of cosmetics.

The poor thing couldn't even see what she had!

Sound familiar?

Then she came up with the idea of organizing her makeup on a hanging magnet board.

Here's the finished result.

I think it's BRILLIANT.

Click through to find out how she did it!

The short version of the story is that Laura bought a picture frame from the Salvation Army, painted it, had a piece of metal cut to fit inside it at the hardware store, covered that with fabric, and then hot glued magnets to the backs of all of her makeup. Those cups holding her makeup brushes each have three magnets apiece going up the back.


This idea doesn't work for me, unfortunately, since I have less wall space than drawer space in my own bathroom. But I know so many of you, particularly those of you in older homes and apartments, have bathroms in which drawers are at a premium. This magnet board is a magnificent way to save space and keep track of all your makeup!

If you're interested in trying this idea out yourself, be sure and check out Laura's full tutorial on how to do it.

In the meantime, how are you currently storing your makeup?

Image via Laura Thoughts

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Kristina Lawler Funk

Right now mine's in a basket in the cabinet under my sink. But I'll have to try this!

sweet... sweetcherry_59

I have seen this before and I thinkk it's awesome but it would never work for me. I would need a lot of picture frames to hold all of my make up lol!

I have a 5 drawer plastic dresser thing that I have everything bigger organized into. I have all of my foundations and powders in one drawer, my large 88 & 120 color eyeshadow pallets in one, my brushes in one, lip sticks and lip glosses in one, and my smaller eyeshadow pallets are in another. Then sitting on top of that I have a little desk organizer that I keep my single eyeshadows, eye liners,  mascara, concealer, eyeshadow primers, and chapsticks in.

I know it sounds excessive but I'm an aspiring make-up artist and you never know what colors/products you will need for someone.

lissa... lissalynn83

I love the idea! Brilliant!! I'd need like an entire wall of those things though, so it wouldn't work for me LOL.

Melis... Melissa042807

I keep mine in a bag designed like a binder with lots of zippered pockets. Easy-peasy, all in one place, can throw it into a suitcase when I'm packing. I've never found another like it, even though I've tried because my bag is falling apart. I've actually pared down on the amount of makeup I have over the past year or so. I stick to just a few eyeshadows I know look really good on me, I mostly use the eyeshadow as liner too (a wet angle brush works wonders!), and I only have one each of foundation, concealer, and powder because only one certain brand works for my sensitive skin. 

RMT1995 RMT1995

My makeup is all in a square carrying case with handles - I keep it under my sink, but it's easy to just grab the whole thing when going away for the weekend or on vacation. This is super cute, though .. if I did my makeup in my upstairs bathroom, I'd totally do this (because I have some space on that bathroom wall). But I get ready downstairs and wouldn't want this as artwork for guests in my downstairs bathroom :)

Lo1427 Lo1427

That's awesome!

nonmember avatar Mariana

@Melissa042807 you should try marykay, I have one like you described, it has 4 "pockets", they all can be detached from the "frame" and if you close it it forms a squared looking bag that you can carry everywhere! Mine is currently hanging behind bathroom door so I have easy access to everything! http://www.marykay.com/skincare/travelrollupbag/default.aspx

nonmember avatar NancyB

I'm pretty fortunate as my bedroom is two combined into one so 1/2 is the "clothes room" w/dressers and closets. I have a old round coffee table with a little chair and the table holds my makeup mirror and my makeup. Recessed lights are directly overhead and there's lots of natural light from the windows too.

Sarah Cazier

This is a neat idea for storage of any sorts of small items that normally end up in a hard to shuffle drawer.. Like my buttons and ribbons drawer in my sewing room.  But... I have a hard time understanding why you NEED this much of it?? I mean.. don't most women find something they like (cosmetic/skin/haircare) and then pretty exclusively use just that? Why do you need 8 eyeshadow cases with pretty much the same colors in it? All of my  makeup and application tools fit into a small makeup bag.


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