Christina Aguilera Latest Victim in Hollywood Fat Wars

Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera is packing a few extra pounds right now -- and Hollywood hasn't gone into this much of a fat frenzy since Jessica Simpson's much-discussed weight gain.

The paparazzi are scrambling to get close-up shots of Christina's thighs and rear end as she shops or chooses pumpkins at the pumpkin patch (EMBARASSING), and bloggers are using words like "rotund" and "frightening" to describe her new figure.

WTH, Hollywood?

While I would concur that this costume is perhaps not the best choice for Xtina's new figure, she's still smaller than most women in America, and if you saw her on the street and didn't know who she was, you'd hardly call her fat.

So why is Hollywood taking such malicious pleasure from her weight gain?

What do you think?

I think that entertainment bloggers and magazine writers need to be a little more open-minded when it comes to the definition of "healthy weight." Most Hollywood actresses could use a nutritionist, to be honest. Many are so extremely thin, it hurts to look at them.

I'd love to see the Hollywood ideal be less about fitting into a size 0 dress and more about who has the best muscle tone, the most well-rounded fitness regimen, and the healthiest eating habits.

I know, I know, KEEP DREAMING, right?

As for Christina, in addition to having a small child and an insane schedule, the girl's just been through a very rough divorce. Cut her some slack. I can't even imagine how humiliating it would be to see unflattering photos of myself everywhere I turn and hear people calling me names because I've gained weight.

However, it's nothing Jessica Simpson didn't go through a year or two ago. Hollywood always seems to have a 'fat' scapegoat at any given time, and it looks like now it's Christina's turn.

What do you think about this obsession with celebrity body weight? And what should Christina do about it? Ignore it? Or take the not-so-well-meaning advice out there and lose the pounds?


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organ... organicyogalove

Perhaps its karma for all the nasty weight comments she used to make about other celebrities when she was thinner?

Melis... Melissa042807

I think she's definitely had a rough couple of years, and it has affected her all-around health. Not saying she needs to go and get stick-thin, but I'd like to see her get a little overall healthier. 

Elizabeth Pattison

I have no sympathy for her. For a long time she has been calling Kelly Osbourne fat. So yeah, karma is a bitch!

jaxmadre jaxmadre

I remember reading something years ago about her staying thin on a junkfood diet, and her actually gaining weight when she starting using a nutritionist and eating right.
I'm thinking Christina has food & weight issues like the rest of us. Good! It ain't fair for all them famous folk to be all perfect all the time!

I still hate to see celebs bullied into weight-loss by the media. Isn't right.

nonmember avatar cindy

Great article!! Christina Aguilera has been through alot but she's a fighter. Her weight is not he same either since she had a child and as you get older your body changes.Christina can lose weight and it will okay. Christina Aguilera you rock and what a voice you carry.You inspire because no matter how much hate or crap is thrown your way,you keep singing your song.Oh and Elizabeth Pattison your wrong it's been one-sided on Kelly's part. Christina hasn't even mentioned her in a decade now.You can even see how it started on the Osburnes. Kelly is a bully and just wants attention.There is more proof how foul mouth she is with Christina compared to what she started up again from the past.It's amazing no one has proof that Christina ever called her what she says but there is tons of videos from past and now present that Kelly just likes to bring hateful comments to Christina and Kelly is the one with issues. That's a bully sine Kelly herself has been fat. She's no helping her case what so ever.

PonyC... PonyChaser

The press, in general, are a bunch of jackals, building up an icon today, and salivating over the prospect of 'hating on them' when they stumble. Unfortunately, Christina is falling into their trap.

Seriously, though, if you look past the bad angles of those five pictures you linked to, her figure really isn't THAT bad! She has CURVES!! Heaven forbid!! She doesn't look "overweight" to me. But I think she should wear something different. Where that leotard cuts off on her thighs and the fishnets are just not flattering. That outfit would look awful on Jennifer Lopez, for Pete's Sake! It's just not flattering at all. Put her in well-fitting jeans and a flattering top and I'll bet she looks like a different woman.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Someone should tel Christina Aguilera's stylist that poufing out her hair doesn't distract from putting a fat chick in a leather onesie and fishnet hose.

She looks hideous in that picture!

kalisah kalisah

I'm trying to think of an example where a young woman in Hollywood who didn't build her career on being sexy & half-dressed was attacked in the media for gaining weight. 

Seems to me, if that's what you base your career on, then you ask for the backlash when you no longer look hot in just underwear. Especially if you keep appearing in just underwear. 

bigndead bigndead

Haha, yeah, kalisah summed it up

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