'Project Runway' Recap: Anya Flakes & Fakes Us Out

anya talking to timTonight was the second to last episode of this season of Project Runway, or finale part one. That means we're down to the final four. Each had five weeks back at home to design 10 looks. They would then return to NYC and first show a "mini" version of their collection to the judges, because ultimately, only three are supposed to go on to Fashion Week.

With the designers at home, each got a special visit from Tim. There, we found out three out of the four -- Anya, Viktor, and Josh -- had something kinda major in common: They were hoping to accomplish something that would have made a relative proud.

Kimberly, who wanted to honor her mother, seemed to have a cohesive "Brooklyn Urbanite" style in mind. Anya, who spoke about her brother who had passed away, had absolutely NOTHING to show Tim but fabric, which may have a been a PR FAIL first. Viktor, also honoring his brother, had a very commercial-friendly, ready-to-wear collection inspired by photos from Guadalajara, Mexico. 


And finally, Josh, who wished his late mom could see him now, showed Tim florescent, cheap, garish fabrics that not even drag queens would wear! Eeewww.

Once they got back to NYC and saw one another's collections in their new work space, Josh actually admitted that Viktor's white pearl appliqued leather motorcycle jacket was "everything!!" and made him shake in his boots. Well, hello, Viktor is clearly the front-runner here! He even used photos from a recent trip to Mexico and turned them into the fabric he used in his designs. WOW! During the judging, Heidi even asked to TRY ON the motorcycle jacket. Craaaazy!!! Has she ever done that before?! So, it was obvious Viktor wasn't the one going home -- and psst ... I bet he wins the whole she-bang!

But it seems all Anya came up with was a bunch of "Caribbean glam" sundresses that couldn't surprise or entice the judges in the least. It was what we were expected to see from her all season, and her finale piece of the mini-collection was a mess that looked like it had been thrown together in a day. To me, it was clear that she'd be the one axed.

In the end ... the judges felt they had seen everyone's distinct points of view, but the girls choked, and the boys succeeded. The ones who crossed the finish line, though? Joshua, Viktor, and ... Kimberly! This means Anya was ... IN, too!!! Total fake-out!! The judges told her she's going to Fashion Week, too, but she had better heed their warnings and get her act together. Oh, man! Joshua was confused all around by this, saying that this isn't some "fuddy duddy dress-up," so he was surprised Anya especially got by with such poor reviews. But, even in an industry where one week you're in, and the next week you're out, obviously, you never know what's going to happen next!

Were you surprised all four are going on to Fashion Week?


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