'Tattoo Barbie' Just Latest in Long Line of Trashy Barbie Dolls

Tokidoki BarbieThe new Tokidoki 'Tattoo' Barbie is getting lots of negative press.

Apparently, some parents are up in arms about the fact that this version of the doll has quite a lot of permanent ink on her neck and shoulder.

I consider this to be much ado about nothing.

Barbie has been tarting it up for years.


This latest Tattoo Barbie is NOTHING compared to some of the dolls Mattel has released over the last 20 years. Yes, some have been created for adult collectors, but not all of them.

Click through to see a list of some of the sleaziest Barbie dolls ever put out on the market.

Then tell me what you think of Tattoo Barbie in the comments!

Christian Louboutin BarbieSlap a designer label on a slutty Barbie doll and that makes it okay, hmm? This Christian Louboutin-designed Barbie will set you back $150. Now that's a lot of allowance money!


My Bling Bling BarbieI still fondly remember the days when My Bling Bling Barbie could be found on the Toys R Us shelves. And she was no collector's doll -- this was Barbie's answer to Bratz. Fortunately, no one bought into Barbie's 'bling.' I saw the doll on the clearance shelves not long after it had come out, and even then, no one was buying.


Highland Fling BarbieI believe the makers of the 'Highland Fling Barbie' misinterpreted the meaning of 'Highland Fling.' IT'S A FOLK DANCE, PEOPLE. Not an affair that took place in Scotland!!

BarbieMattel is no longer offering its Lingerie Barbie on the Barbie Collector website, but don't worry! You can still put it under the tree for your little girl by buying it off Amazon for just $99.94!


Little Red Riding Hood BarbieI don't remember Little Red Riding Hood wearing a miniskirt and fishnet stockings in my childhood storybooks, but that's exactly how Barbie interpreted her ...


Barbie And if you're dead set on tattoos, Totally Stylin' Tattoos Barbie is still available on Amazon for just $17.99! Tattoo her wherever you want. Just leave me out of it.


Images via Barbie Collector and Amazon

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Snark... Snarkymom

I think its a cute barbie!  A couple of tattoos never hurt anybody (me included ;-)

minni... minnickmomof3

ok so i am an avid barbie collector and as a barbie collector i know that only two of these barbies are main stream. You can not buy these barbies in stores. some collector barbies are on shelves but not many and certainly not these ones.  these barbies are for collecting only and are not ment to b played with at all.  these are not ment for lil girls and they have to be special ordered so if parents are goin to special order these barbies then complain they are to risky why did they bother to look for it and special order it in the first place. just saying

mamaween mamaween

This Barbie is soo cute! I would deffenitly buy it for my daughter, who just turned fourteen & thinks she might be a "lil to old" for Barbies...lol...In my opinion I think the makers of this doll jus might have got this one right..as in #1 showing a little skin #2 in tune with todays culture of "Artistic Body Art" #3 some unique yet modest attire. In all tattoos aren't jus for your great uncle anymore and self expression is key to unlocking your "womanhood" if I may say...thanks for letting me share!!<3

Linds... LindsayFerrier

I get that some of these Barbies are for adults. The problem is that they're on the Barbie aisle at Toys R Us right next to the ones for girls. I saw the Red Riding Hood Barbie, for example at Toys R Us last year. How are we supposed to explain to our little girls that certain Barbies at the Toys R Us aren't for them??!!! And there's no excuse for the My Bling Bling Barbie. That was just awful.

prett... prettypinkie72

I so agree"if you don't like it don't buy it!! I LOVE all the dolls I come on first we all do LIVE in 2011 "Right" this all BS if you ask me! I seen more dolls with less and more to meets the eye OK then we have People that have to say bla,bla I'm really not going their But you know what I'm talking about. But ya I would buy the doll, I have nothing bad to say about the doll.

Sabri... SabrinaMBowen

Sorry, but seeing how there are LOTS of children out there who's parents have tattoos, I'm not sure why their barbie (who is supposed to be an adult) having them is an issue... As a tattoed parent, I think it's awesome!

It's also worth pointing out that many of those other "Questionable" Barbies you have listed there are Collectors Editions, they are meant for ADULT Collectors, not for children to play with...

I find it much more disterbing that they are marketing "McDonald's Worker Barbie" to children than I do the idea that they are marketing a Lingere wearing version to Adult Collectors...

nonmember avatar Lynore

Get a real problem ppl. Highland fling Barbie may not be too far off the mark...as a fellow Scot I can say we are a prolific bunch ;)

Nancy... NancyJ422

Tattoo Barbie is Cute!  Much less risque than "Highland Fling" Barbie or "Lingerie" Barbie.

Barbie HAS been tarted up for years - not just what is shown here but also in the clothes we bought for her.  Of course, how else would she have been able to snag Ken and ride off in the convertible?

nonmember avatar Brittney

Trashy? Due to a tattoo? Oh, honey.

nonmember avatar l

This Barbie is fantastic, and it's already on backorder for the "adult collector" People make such a big fuss over nothing. A single Barbie isn't going to hurt anyone. Your parenting makes your kids the people they are, not a cute toy. My daughter's dad and I both have tattoos. To each their own. I personally want to buy this doll.

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