Kourtney Kardashian Proves Shorts Are a Fall Must-Have

kourtney kardashian shortsI tried on a pair of maroon eyelet shorts the other night in Forever 21. Everything inside me wanted to like them, since I've been seeing shorts for fall and winter everywhere lately. Standing there, I tried to envision how I'd wear them and with what accessories, but it just wasn't clicking. I just couldn't get over the notion that YES, wearing shorts when it's cold out is a good idea. And yes, I should buy some.

Then I saw Kourtney Kardashian rocking these gorgeous high-waisted khaki ones on the streets of New York City, looking as trendy as ever. Does she look totally chic, or what? Suddenly in my mind it all started to make sense. This look works for her because of how she styled it.

And it all started with her hair and makeup ...


Kourtney made sure to keep the focus on the outfit by keeping the hairstyle and makeup classic and simple. But the thing I love MOST about Kourt's ensemble is how slimming it is. The shorts hit her at the tiniest part of her frame.

So what does this Kardashian sister's look teach us regular women when it comes to wearing shorts this season? 

1. You need the right accessories: Kourtney is wearing a bold necklace to break up the neutral color palette. Since it's such a statement piece, she opted to skip out on anything dramatic when it comes to bracelets, rings, or earrings. Good choice, girl!

2. Tights are a must: Tights (or the dreaded nude stocking) are a necessity if you're going to wear shorts or a skirt once the fall chill settles in for good. Mainly because you'll be uber-cold if you don't cover up your stems -- but also because the tights add an extra layer to your look. I love how Kourt chose a pair in opaque black here, although they're not as bold as the alphabet tights she wore last week!

3. Full coverage or bust: Since you're making a pretty strong statement by wearing shorts and exposing your legs to begin with, it's a smart move to keep it covered up top. Kourtney wears an exaggerated crew neck blouse here, which is ADORABLE and keeps the whole getup interesting with the fun pattern.

4. It's all about fit: Kourt's shorts (a good rhyme always gets me) look great because of how well they fit her. Make sure whatever pair you settle on doesn't pull across the front, making you look larger than you really are. And of course, find a length that's classy!

Are you a fan of shorts in the fall and winter?


Image via Splash News

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