Lindsay Lohan's Court Style Will Get Her Locked Up by Fashion Police

lindsay lohan court date la october 19Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again ... what's new? Not much, not even in the way of how she dressed up for her court date today. Yup, she's at it again -- attempting to come off as a Little Miss Goody Two Shoes in a new sleeveless WHITE Fendi dress. Sadly, we've all seen this trick before, so I'm not sure who LiLo thinks she's fooling. Yeah, the dress is definitely more modest than the last tight, white, nightclub-ready number she wore to court back in February. But it seems she's missed the mark with her accessories.

Check out the "look at me!" gold Chanel bag, Giuseppi Zanotti peep-toe metallic gold platform pumps, and caked-on makeup. Oh, dear. Either Lindsay doesn't listen to anything her stylist says or her stylist is a moron or she can't afford a stylist anymore, because this "Marilyn Monroe martyr" style simply screams, "I'm a privileged Hollywood princess! Treat me that way, dammit!" 


And really, come on ... could you see anyone else dressing this way to go to court? It's clear she's playing to the cameras, treating this like a red carpet appearance. Sigh. In fact, it's really sad, because events like these -- heading to court, heading out of court, sitting in court -- are basically the starlet's only opportunities for publicity these days. No wonder it looks like she used an entire tin of blush for a clown-meets-'80s music video contouring effect ... something one would only do if they were preparing for a long-lens photo shoot! Pathetic!

If she was really serious about this court date, she would have worn a much more somber, perhaps black, overall quieter look. Sunglasses, perhaps. You know ... something professional, modest, clean, less showy. A black dress suit. Or even just black accessories.

Granted, this isn't the worst she could have done, but it's definitely not a winning ensemble. At this point, though, who really cares? The woman is such a dirty trainwreck. She could wear a bikini and sky-high pumps to court, and we wouldn't be shocked. Likewise, she could wear something totally modest, and she'd still be as guilty as ever. Now, can some sane judge please lock her up so we don't have to contend with judging the troubled nutbag's phony-baloney fashion choices ever again?

Do you think her look is clueless and classless or smart and modest?


Image via Fapian/Zodiac/Splash News

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