Jennifer Aniston’s Boyfriend Is Starting to Affect Her Style

jennifer anistonDid you see Jennifer Aniston at Elle's Women in Hollywood Tribute? She killed it in a sequined Kaufmanfranco mini-dress that was cut way down low. With her sky-high Balenciaga heels, perma-tanned legs, and beachy-blonde hair, she looked every bit the Hollywood hottie she is. Flawless. Except one thing was different about her.

As New York Magazine pointed out, Jen's dress was ... kind of baggy. It was a looser fit than the body-con dresses we're used to seeing the actress in. And they suspect it may have something to do with her uber-cool boyfriend, Justin Theroux, influencing her style.

I mean, her taste in clothes has seemed to change lately. You guys: Is Jennifer Aniston turning into a hipster? For her man?


If you think back about a year ago -- even a few months ago -- Jen's style typically included a lot of color. It was very laid-back California girl. Now, she's always seen in black, black, and more black. Her clothes have even seemed to get a little slouchier, a little less fitted -- I.E. her Kaufmanfranco dress.

I don't think it's the most uncommon thing in the world for a woman's -- or a man's -- style to change when dating someone new. Still, it is a little jarring when you see it so black and white -- or, in this case, black and black -- in photos.

Thing is, Jen probably doesn't even consciously realize what she's doing. I remember dating a guy once who hated the ratty t-shirt look -- which I happened to/happen to love. After we broke up, I found my drawers stuffed to the gills with light-weight, wrinkled-looking t's. I hadn't even realized it, but once I heard that the shirts weren't his thing, I mindlessly stopped wearing them -- which is something he never wore. Unrelated, that guy was a douchebag.

So, if Jen is dressing more like Justin now -- which, dude, is definitely more hipster -- whatever. It happens. But she shouldn't undergo too big a fashion overhaul. Not only because I kinda dig her style, but because she might wind up looking kind of pathetic.

Does your boyfriend/husband/lovah influence the way you dress?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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