'Rachel Zoe Project' Recap: Jeremiah to the Rescue

Jeremiah Brent After working up until the final minute, tonight we saw Rachel Zoe actually plan for and give birth to her son, Skyler. And oh what a stylish, over-the-top, and pretty fabulous ordeal it was.

In her hospital bag there was Chanel, vintage Halston, and thigh-high boots. Rodger readied for the birth by buying her a ginormous, 10-carat diamond ring as a push present. And when her water broke, the first thing she did was her hair. Not that we would have expected anything less when it comes to the style maven, and hey, if it made her feel good, then good for her. It's not like she owns any sweats anyway.

Little Skyler is gorgeous, and Rachel and Rodger were clearly head over heels in love with him and brought him home to his chic new nursery, which was completed at the last minute thanks to Jeremiah Brent ... the guy they fired last week.


I knew it wasn't the last of him. The show started out with Mandana explaining to Jeremiah over coffee that he wasn't fired because he wasn't good enough, but because he was too good at something they didn't need, and that he should stop wallowing and move on. But when Rachel went into labor and they needed a nursery done ASAP, who did they call? Jeremiah, of course.

"I'm so f#cking confused," he said after agreeing to it. Then he was left alone once again to finish, as everyone else headed to the hospital. But he did an amazing job. "I’m hoping this shows them I’m dedicated, I’m capable, and that firing me was a huge mistake," he said. Points for persistence, for sure, and I'm hoping that it was his foot back in the door that just hit him in the ass.

Joey Maalouf got his first shot at styling solo when he was sent to New York to dress Molly Sims. He managed to pull it off, and she looked great, but I would have loved to see what Jeremiah would have done as well.

Who knows what's in store for poor, faithful Jeremiah. Previews indicate something, so it will be interesting to see what that is in coming weeks. But most interesting will be watching Rachel try to manage motherhood and her career. One thing is guaranteed -- she'll at least look fabulous doing it.

Were you surprised that they asked Jeremiah Brent to do the nursery? Were you surprised he agreed?

Image via Bravo

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