Black Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Are the New White

black wedding dressWe all thought Kate Middleton's long-sleeved lace gown would revolutionize the bridal world, that all women would want to copy her dress, and that there'd be a movement toward conservative modernity. But judging from Vera Wang's latest designer collection of wedding gowns, the Middleton effect is out, and black is in. It might be the new white even.

Wang's runway show featured a dozen or so black bridal gowns and people in the crowd either stood up and cheered, exalting Wang on high for her creativity and throwing gold coins at her feet, or they took out pen knives from their purses and stabbed themselves in the eyeballs.

Messing with tradition will always win or alienate fans, but I like where Wang's headed. I'd a thrown gold coins. I liked it so much, I went web shopping for my black wedding gown and I kind of love what I've found:



black wedding dress
Laundry by Shelli Segal, $265

This would be an unexpected showstopper.

black wedding dress
Adrianna Papell, $238
The swirling rosettes and sweetheart neckline say "bride" even when the dress is black.

black wedding dress
ABS, $490
I like the full skirt and the lace bodice here -- very flattering.

bad lip reading romneyCarmen Marc Valvo, $1,275

The feminine lace and cowl neck would make any bride look her best!

black wedding dressMonique Lhuillier, $598

Monique is known for her wedding dresses -- Reese Witherspoon, Britney Spears, and Alicia Silverstone walked down the aisle in her creations -- but this black evening gown would also look amazing on any bride.

black wedding dress
Phoebe Couture, $450

I saved the best for last -- I die for this one. Traditional yet sexy, see-through yet black.

Sarah Jessica Parker famously wore a black dress when she married Matthew Broderick back in 1997 and has said a few times that if she could turn back time, she would've worn white. Wearing black on the big day is a bold statement, so if you're going to do it, make sure it's a decision you're really willing to stick with. We don't want any regrets, after all.

What do you think of black wedding dresses?


Photo via wayne's eye view/Flickr, courtesy photos

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