Michelle Obama Shouldn’t Own 4 of the Same Dress

michelle obamaFirst Lady Michelle Obama is as practical as she is classic when it comes to fashion. The woman loves her J.Crew as much as her high-end designers, and she knows that if she finds something she likes -- it's best to stock up on it in a few colors.

Such is the case with the gorgeous terra cotta Azzedine Alaia dress she wore Sunday when she and the rest of the First Family visited D.C.'s Martin Luther King Memorial. Turns out the dress is actually one she wore before (the exact same dress) -- styled differently -- to the 2010 UN Summit. But it also turns out that she has this Alaia dress -- in four different colors.

I'm all for stocking up, but this seems a little excessive.


The FLOTUS wore the dress in white (my favorite) to the G-20 Summit in Toronto last year. She wore a longer version in light blue to the Nobel Banquet in Oslo in 2009. And she wore a black version (pictured, my least favorite) to a NATO concert in Germany in 2009. We get it, you like this dress.

It's a lovely dress, and Michelle wears it well, but come on, four of the same thing? Surely, there's something else out there that would look good on her. The only thing I would ever buy in four different colors is t-shirts. For everything else, two is my limit. It gets a little weird otherwise, no? It's like it becomes a uniform or something.

I get what Michelle's doing -- and I can appreciate it. I've been known to buy a couple pairs of the same jeans if I really love them. But I think she needs to start thinking outside the Azzedine Alaia box. This really is overkill.

Do you buy things in multiple colors if you like them?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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