Aromatherapy: The Power of Essential Oils

essential oilsI've been wearing essential oils since college. Back then, my favorite scent was Egyptian Musk. I also loved mixing Patchouli and Baby Powder scented oils. Sounds weird, I know, but it smelled so good -- soft with some rich notes mixed it. I would dab it on my pulse points and the scent would last all day. That's what so great about using an oil instead of a perfume. Plus, there are different oils to calm, soothe, even stimulate...sure sounds (and smells) good to me!

CafeMom maisah is a distributor of Young Living essential oils.


Young Living has every kind of essential oil you can imagine and Martha Stewart, Donna Karan, and Christy Turlington love them!

I just love a momtrepreneur!

Do you wear essential oils? What's your favorite scent?

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