8 Wearable Pink Accessories to Support Breast Cancer

breast cancer awarenessThere are so many ways to show your support for breast cancer research and awareness. From 5K walks to pink ribbon-pins to a simple donation, obviously there's no wrong way to bring attention to this important cause. But now there's an easier, more everyday approach to showing you care.

The color pink has been almost as important to the campaign as boobs themselves, so why not show you're a breast health advocate by wearing a pink accessory or two?

These eight adornments are a subtle way to show your support this month, and every month.


pink scarvesScarfWorld, $7; Banana Republic, $50

Pink scarves show your support, keep you warm, and brighten up your face. Win, win, win!

 Pink rings
Alljoy, $23; Enchanting Jewels, $21
A bold cocktail ring is never out of style.

pink nail polish
Sugar Daddy & Pink Diamond by Essie, both $8

Nail polish is an easy and timeless way to get a little extra pink into your life.

pink bracelets
Thai leather bracelet, $16; BC awarness bracelets, 144 per order, $23
From the subtle to the more literal, pink bracelets can be an everyday reminder of the breast cancer cause.

How do you like to wear pink accessories?


Photos via pfala/Flickr, and courtesy photos

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