Own Bella's 'Twilight' Wedding Hair Comb!

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Bella Wedding Hair COmbForget Kate and William -- the real wedding of the century will take place soon in movie theaters, when Bella and Edward finally tie the knot!

The web has been going crazy speculating on advance photos of the wedding scene, and one retailer has already copied the bride's gorgeous hair comb

It's surprisingly affordable and would look gorgeous holding back any woman's chignon, whether she's wearing a bridal dress or not!

Want to find out where to get it and how much it's gonna set you back?

Keep reading!

Hot Topic (OF COURSE) is selling the replica hair comb for the very reasonable price of $28.



Hot TopicTotally reasonable, don't you think? I would wear this myself! What about you? Of course, the attached veil is not included -- and unless you're a bride, I wouldn't recommend it!

If the hair comb isn't enough for you, you can also score a replica of Bella's engagement ring from Hot Topic, for the bargain price of $28!

Hot TopicPretty, yes?

And you can complete your little Bella fantasy by purchasing this Edward Cullen makeout pillow for just $14 ...

TwilightNow THAT will be a honeymoon to remember. For all the wrong reasons.

Hot Topic has more replica Twilight jewelry (and more pillows!) and some of it's quite pretty. You can check it out here.

Would you buy knock-offs of jewelry featured in the Twilight movies?


Images via Hot Topic

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Melis... Melissa042807

I wonder how many of those combs we're going to see walking down wedding aisles in the next few years...LOL...probably a lot! 

Kittt... Kittty_Katt

u do know u can getone made more sturdy  prettier.it may cost more but would last ....i got the breaking dawn voutori necklace duplicated from the book b4 the movies even came out... markenting masss productions are useless and expensive to buyers. need i say these jewery duplicates arent like described n the book..whatever..

nonmember avatar Anne

Get the real thing fine jewelry version of Bellas Comb.. And exact replica the one you want for your family heirloom..Exquisite!!! Thegildedlily.biz $199 and $399...Certificate of Authenticity.. Gorgeous box .. and designers autographs!

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