Kristen Stewart Has Only One Arm on Cover of ‘Glamour’

kristen stewartKristen Stewart is a beautiful woman. And so are all the women who grace the covers of magazines. One would think that given these ladies' naturally stunning looks, coupled with the piles of makeup they have professionally applied and the just-right lighting, that they wouldn't need a heck of a lot of airbrushing before their photos go to print. And one would be wrong.

See, Glamour and a host of other magazines and ad campaigns don't just want their cover gals looking poreless, lineless, and doll-like, they want them looking like completely different (completely weird) people. Or in Kristen Stewart's case, one-armed.

Where the hell did the rest of her left arm go?!


This certainly isn't the first time Photoshop has been a major fail (Zooey Deschanel's Rimmel London ad -- who is that girl? Model Filippa Hamilton's ridiculous Ralph Lauren ad -- is that a string of spaghetti?). But, dude, this is bad. It's the cover of a major magazine. And it's an amputated arm! Doesn't this stuff get a once-over before being sent to press?

In the past few years, airbrushing and Photoshop have straight-up gotten out of control. Even regular folk like you and me now possess the ability to erase lines and clear up our complexions with the click of a mouse. And what has happened from all this -- besides really lovely Facebook photos and really weird magazine photos -- is that nobody looks how they do in photos in real life!

I vote that the people behind the glossies (and advertising) loosen up their airbrushing, amputating grip. Because, contrary to what they think, they're not making anybody look better. Just freakier.

Do you think airbrushing is out of control? Would you have noticed Kristen's missing arm?


Image via Glamour

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