Hilarious Nail Polish Colors Will Make You Want a Manicure!

Nails are very in right now and nail polish has replaced lipstick as the go-to item for women looking to buy something without spending a fortune. As such, nail polish manufacturers are going to great lengths to make their product even more appealing. If you've ever been to a salon for a manicure, then you're likely well acquainted with the bizarre and hilarious names given to nail polish colors.

In the past month, my nails have been "So many clowns ... so little time" (a bright white); "Baby-cakes" (pinkish purple); and "Trixie" (a metallic gray). Nail polish colors, especially OPI names, are often just bizarre and hilarious. They're so funny, in fact, that OPI even has a color they call "Who Comes Up With These Names" (a discontinued copper color).

There is also a hilarious blog called "Stupid Nail Polish Names" everyone ought to check out. Here are some of the most bizarre.

  • I'm Not Really a Waitress: This is a bright pink hue that is one of OPI's better-selling colors, largely because the name is so highly memorable.
  • Show Me the Ring: This is, predictably, a wedding color with a bright white shimmer. Very pretty and simple, but with a name like this, don't show it to your boyfriend!
  • Iris I Was Thinner: This is a Sephora brand polish that is a purple hue and was pretty much hated by everyone who saw it. The name, while offensive, belies the beauty of the color, which is great for both toes and nails. Take it with a grain of salt.
  • Dickweed: This is a metallic blue with a name you won't soon forget. Beautiful, fun, and bizarre. This proves nail polish names are the quickest way to interest people in your color.
  • Lemonade Stand By Your Man: This is a hideous yellow hue that is enough to make you want to choke. As if the name weren't bad enough!
  • I'm Not Really a Whore: This is from the Naughty Nailz collection, which also has the "Red Thong in Divorce Court" bright red. The founder says she is fighting the idea that only whores wear red polish. Nice!

What is your funniest color?


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