7 Stylish Zombie Inspired Looks for the Living

zombie woman
Super-cute blouse, girl...
As we've seen in all the undead flicks over the years and on the Emmy-nominated TV show Walking Dead (Season 2 premieres tonight!), zombies are brain- and flesh-eating creepy people who smell ripe of decayed flesh and infected wounds. What's not to love? It is widely believed that zombies have no fashion sense; however, with a little creativity and a splash of Eau de Rotting Carcass, some very stylish looks are actually inspired by zombies. It's true! The undead look is totally, uh, undead!

Take a look at 7 Zombie-Inspired Styles.


Steampunk Post Apocalyptic Shredded Peplum Top
Post-Apocalyptic Shredded Peplum Top ($45) at Anansi the Spider

Who said zombie can't be sexy? I almost want to eat her brain.

zombie dressSands of Time Braided Dress ($120) at Eros DIY

Ah, the perfect hot zombie dress. Just add blood and gangrene ooze.

Z Is For Zombie Tee Item
Z Is For Zombie Tee ($19.50) at Delia's

What? Zombies can't market to the tween set! Au contraire!

Silence Noise Denim Legging
Silence & Noise Denim Legging ($54) at UO

Are those grody, veiny, flesh-less zombie legs?!! Oh no, they're acid-splashed denim leggings of the zombie kind.

Nicholas K Convertible Swank Jacket
Nicholas K Convertible Swank Jacket ($1098) at Free People

Roadkill, zombies, they all dress the same ...

Donna Ricco Print Charmeuse Dress ($91.90) at Nordstrom
Donna Ricco Print Charmeuse Dress ($91.90) at Nordstrom

Ahhhh! It's the fleshy-blood-soaked dress of an undead woman!!! Oh no, wait. It's just a pretty zombie-inspired frock. If you look closely, the blood almost looks like flowers!

dream sequin dressDream Sequins Dress ($84.99) at ModCloth

I'm pretty sure after about a week without bathing, using deodorant, or washing your hair, you and your new meat fly entourage could make this a gorgeous zombie wedding dress.

And you thought zombie wasn't all the rage. Just think how much you can save in laundry soap!

Tell us. Are you totally zombie-inspired or would you rather be caught dead in this stuff?


Top image via AMC

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