Magnetic Nail Polish: Will You Try This Hot New Trend?

sephoraFrom multi-colored nails to "shatter" polish, women have been getting crazy lately with their manicures.

The latest craze: magnetic nail polish.

Magnetic nail polish is taking the beauty world by storm.

The nail polish seems ordinary enough when you paint it on your nails -- but the magic happens when you hold a magnet over the polish.

Want to find out what happens next?

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Holding a thin magnet over your newly-painted nails makes the iron powder in the polish follow the pattern the magnet, creating a special design on your nails.

Reading the instructions on magnetic nail polish over at (where Nails Inc. magnetic nail polish is available for $16), getting the look seems sort of complicated and labor intensive.

But in my single days, when I could laze about for hours on end and no one even cared, I can see the appeal. And customers who've tried the polish are raving about the effect, as well as the polish's durability. Some of my favorite comments:

Totally fun to play with but as a MRI technologist. This isn't safe if you are due for a MRI, just want to let you ladies/gents a heads up.. don't want to be nailess after the MRI.

I got a lot of comments from people wanting to know who had done my nails. I am a polish fanatic and love different looks. I can't wait for my other one to come in.

This is amazing. Nails look like a fifty dollar manicure.

Hmm. Now I'm sort of wanting to try it, too!

What about you? Will you try the magnetic nail polish trend this fall? Do you like the look?


Image via Sephora

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