'Twilight' Hair Styling Tools Make Twi-Hards Drool

twilight hair productsNow here's something I can't get behind: Twilight hair styling tools. Twilight posters? Fine. A lunch box? Totally get it. But this is just ridiculous: A company is selling curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, and hot rollers with the Twilight logo on them so that you at home can get waves like Bella, textured style like Edward, etc.

Because without a Twilight specific tool, your hair will just look like sooo mundane, so averagely human, that you should be embarrassed to be seen in public.


The Twilight Sparkle Tool Collection is a great way to throw away money on crappy hair products if you're a fan of the series. It would've been cool if the tools left glitter on your hair, or could make you fly, or impregnated you with a vampire baby, but no such promises are made. All they do is either make your hair curly or straight. Snooze.

I'm not sure the ad wizard waswho came up with this, but I guess they assumed that slapping the Twilight logo on the side of the box would make these puppies fly off the shelves with the fervor and desperation of a vampire at dusk. Maybe they're right! Who knows.

The limited edition tools are on sale now and come with a tutorial on how to achieve your favorite star's look. The really, really, really intense Twi-hards out there may be thrilled with these products. If so, more power to them!

Do you want the Twilight hair tools?


Photo via meijer.com

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