Amanda Knox Found Guilty of Another Kind of Crime


amanda knoxIf Amanda Knox thought that once she was acquitted of murdering roommate Meredith Kercher, things would go back to normal, she was seriously mistaken. Now out and about and trying to get back into her groove in her hometown of Seattle, life is anything but average. And after she was spotted in this god-awful jeans ensemble, it's clear that she's 100 percent guilty.

No, not of murder. The fashion police want to book her for a different sort of offense: failure to realize it's 2011 and the denim-on-denim look could warrant an arrest.

Knoxy has it all wrong here. The 24-year-old looks like she's about to walk onto the set of the original 90210 (you know, the one from the early '90s) for a guest role. I can just see her now, hanging out with Tori Spelling and Shannen Doherty, en route to the mall to buy some totally rad new Levis. Except, well, neither Tori nor Shannen would ever be caught dead wearing that wretched beanie. Is it a beanie? Whatever it is, it's horrendous.

I'll cut her a little bit of slack. She has been locked up for four years with little contact with the outside world. I bet fashion is one of the last things on her radar. But come on, woman! You're a hot ticket now! I know that if I had been put away for that long with no opportunity to peruse my favorite stores for the latest styles, I'd be itching for a good shopping trip. So maybe (hopefully) in a week or two, we'll see her in a whole new wardrobe! I love me a good makeover.

For the record: There are times where jean-on-jean is acceptable. If you were to wear a pair of black skinny jeans with a blue denim button-down, or even a denim pencil skirt with a similar-colored loose denim tank -- those looks could be cute and functional as long as you accessorize right. It's all about making sure your palate is balanced and the shades of denim are complementary, not clashing. Sorry, Amanda. You've been convicted of a serious fashion crime this time.

Are you guilty of the jean-on-jean look? Are you a fan of denim?


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tinyp... tinypossum

This has got to be the stupidest post I've yet read on The Stir. You are bashing Amanda Knox for being out of fashion? Really?

Rachel Schiller

This is a pretty harsh post, go pick on someone who hadn't spent the last 4 years locked up for a crime she didn't commit.

ashjo85 ashjo85

Really? Leave her alone and let her put her life back together. She didn't ask for or welcome any of this media feeding frenzy. Find a new (RELEVANT) story.

nonmember avatar Jae

. . . And why is this news?

Perhaps you should stick to writing about the air-headed, Kim Kardashian type celebrities and what god-awful ensemble THEY wore. Amanda isn't one of them.

nonmember avatar Bunny

Terrible article.

BeLLa... BeLLasNewMoMmy

Or maybe shes not as materialist as you. . Her parents might have debts and buying clothes is not going to make it better!

.Ashl... .Ashleigh.

This is appalling! Did you really believe that Amanda's wardrobe would be top priority after 4 years of imprisonment in a foreign country? This article is shallow, petty, and embarrassing.

Mandago Mandago

Her family is $700,000 in debt for legal expenses. Maybe she's prioritizing.

Lotus... LotusMoonflower

All Im gonna say is this: WELCOME HOME AMANDA KNOX!! :)

nonmember avatar danielle

you're seriously giving this girl flack about her FASHION choices? Seriously? Despicable.

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