Soldiers Are Now at War With Bushy Eyebrows

soldiersWhen I think about the men and women who are serving our country, their "beauty" routines aren't exactly among the first things that comes to mind. The fact that they're, oh, I don't know, off in a dangerous corner of the world defending our country is more likely to be a thought that will materialize. But if I do think about -- like I did for this post -- they (men in particular) actually have it really easy when it comes to grooming. Fatigues and a crew cut and they're good to go. At least you would think.

Turns out a new trend has emerged for male soldiers: Eyebrow grooming. Threading, shaving -- even waxing. These dudes are at war with unkempt brows, and they're not about to lose.


Here's my stance on dude's brows, though: Unless they have an egregious unibrow situation to deal with -- guys and eyebrow maintenance ... just no. Maybe I'm old school, hell, maybe I'm gender stereotyping, but to me, there's something so wrong about a man with better shaped brows than me. Not to mention how obvious it is! I can spot a man fresh from the salon from a mile away. And you know what it says? "Hi. I'm a high maintenance dude."

And it doesn't just stop at eyebrows. I'm not a fan of guys getting too involved in any of their facial hair in general. To me, there should only be no beard, scruff, or beard. Nothing in between, nothing "designed." I'm looking at you, fu manchus and goatees. I like my men laid back, lazy about (certain) grooming, even a little dirty-looking. But I digress. 

Thing is, there's something a little different about U.S. soldiers partaking in a mini-salon day, if you will. Clearly, these men aren't "high maintenance" -- and then there's the whole risking their lives for our country thing. So they -- and only they -- can groom their brows if they like.

Does your man groom his eyebrows?


Image via RDECOM/Flickr

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