'Project Runway' Recap: In the Final Challenge, the Gloves Come Off!

project runway finale judgesWell, this was it, people! On tonight's episode of Project Runway, the final five designers -- Anya, Josh M., Laura Kathleen, Viktor, and Kimberly -- were either in or OUT. Three would go on to New York Fashion Week ... and one or two would be "Auf wiedersehen!"-ed! Their final challenge: Find inspiration on Governor's Island, create three looks for $500, and surprise -- get help from an assistant aka one of the five most recently eliminated contestants who came BAAACK. Anya picked Bert, Josh picked Bryce, Kimberly picked Becky, Laura picked Anthony Ryan, and Viktor got Olivier (who said he felt like he was being forced to act as a "slave" ... wow.) 

As soon as they all got down to business in the work room, it was diva central! Josh's fangs were out, especially regarding Anya. Or Viktor who had a few choice words about her, as well.


He wondered (behind her back, of course) how she got this far not even knowing how to sew a sleeve! Hrmm ... it's a good question!

Anyway, when the mini-collections hit the runway -- with actress Zoe Saldana as the guest judge! -- I really found myself loving Kimberly's red and silver looks each for different reasons. She had been struggling, but somehow, she always pulls it together at the last minute! That definitely says a lot about her, I think. And like Zoe said, she took risks! But Michael and Heidi were not all in, although later on Michael said she definitely has that "glamour quotient." Yes, definitely!

And no matter what snippy words Viktor and Joshua had for her, Anya's end result did work. Her three looks -- a rust-colored pants outfit, a black cocktail dress, and a white gown -- were all very sophisticated and modern. Although, I loved how Zoe called the white one a "condom dress." (Ha! I bet Gaga would wear it then, right?!)

Finally, the designers had to plead their case for why they should go to Fashion Week and choose two others they said they'd bring with them and why. Hello, total turnaround for cattypants Josh! He chose Anya as one of his picks to go with him to Fashion Week, because although he's trained in fashion, her newness to the art allows her to be free. Interesting! Then, almost all of the others -- including Viktor, with the caveat of "and this is only based on design!"-- chose Anya as one of their picks, as well. Whoa. Guess they don't all want it to be Project Seamstress, huh?

The judges all agreed Viktor's slightly too low-volume looks were superbly done (per usual), and they're clothes for the masses, "clothes that the cash register will ring." So it was no wonder he ended up IN! And so did ... Joshua McKinley, Anya and Kimberly! They're the final four!  But that meant Laura Kathleen was out. Major bummer! She's wanted this since she was 8 years old and really does know what she's doing. But like Anya -- who must be thrilled right now -- said, "that's just how the cards fall." Now who is going to win it ALL?!

Were you surprised with who made the final four? Are you an Anya fan?


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