Glow in the Dark Makeup Is Perfect for Halloween

glow in the dark makeupWe should all have a little sparkle in our makeup bags. From eyebrow highlighter to a shimmery powder, a little glimmer here and there is a great way to accentuate your impossibly gorgeous bone structure, you good looking son of a gun, you. But how adventurous are you? Do you wanna take your sparkle to the next level? Because you can -- there's glow in the dark makeup for sale at Sephora.

Perfect for all the raves and black light bars you go to after hours on Tuesday nights, or it's just the thing you need to bring your Ke$ha costume to life this Halloween. Fluo Night is just what you've been looking for.


You can put it on at your desk at work and no one will know. It's a translucent powder that's invisible until exposed to a UV light. Draw warrior lines on your cheeks, cover your eyelids in the stuff, and BAM: You're the life of the black light party.

And if you're still going to black light parties, I'm curious: In what town and in what date and time do you live? I would like to go to there.

If you're a little gun-shy about glow in the dark makeup, why not test it out on October 31? You can douse yourself in the stuff, hang a black light in your entryway, and scare the bejesus out of kids trick-or-treating. You'll be the glow monster! Turn off the light and you're back to normal.

There isn't a wrong way to wear extra fine florescent pigments that come to life when a UV light's around. And at $31, it may just be the cheapest but coolest costume you could come up with this year. (Black light sold separately.)

Do you like the idea of glow in the dark makeup?

For fun WATCH Ke$ha perform in glow in the dark makeup:


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