Glamorous Accessories at True Bargain Prices? Sign Me Up!

VT LuxeWhen it comes to fashion, home shopping channels might bring to mind muumuus and Santa sweaters more than truly stylish clothing and accessories.

I've been known to get roped into watching a home shopping show every now and then.

But I can assure you I have never been tempted to buy anything -- at least clothing-wise.

Until now.

Style experts Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo have partnered to create a fashion accessories collection called VT Luxe for QVC.

QVC sent me a few pieces from the collection, and I have to say I was very surprised.

Want to know why?

Click through and I'll show you.



VT Luxe

First, the Taffeta Ruffle Scarf (QVC, $30). I put it around my neck and -- instant drama. I LOVE that it looks like an expensive taffeta scarf, but it only costs $30. And I love that it transitions easily from day to night, depending on what I wear with it.


VT LuxeHere's a look in a full-length mirror at the scarf with absolutely no styling whatsoever. It also comes in black, silver, and teal.


VT Luxe

Probably my favorite piece in the collection is this Faux Fur Infinity Scarf (QVC, $39.48), which actually looks 10 times better in person than it does on the QVC site! I love the fur look, but I HATE faux fur that's cheap looking. The trouble is that it's hard to tell online how the fur is going to look in person. Well this infinity scarf looks just like the real thing. It's impossible to tell it's faux without touching it. And for the price, I just don't think you can do better. This is a great way to add the faux fur look to your wardrobe without spending hundreds of dollars.


VT Luxe

Oh dah-lings, don't you love my new fur?


VT Luxe

Finally, the Woven Color Block Cape (QVC, $39.75). It's a lightweight, comfortable cape that's worth the price. I like the way this cape looks on and I'll definitely wear it this season, but I'm on the fence about capes in general ...


VT Luxe

Mostly because they make me want to do this.

All three of these pieces were well made and look like they cost more (in some cases a LOT more) than they actually did. I'm betting that the entire VT Luxe collection is equally fab in person. It's certainly getting rave reviews from QVC customers so far. You can check out the rest of the line here.

And let me add now that this kind of rave review from me is saying a lot -- I get all kinds of products to try that I end up not writing about, either because I don't like them or I think they're just okay. This line was a wonderful surprise.

What do you think of VT Luxe? Have you ever shopped QVC for clothing or accessories?


Image via QVC

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