'Rachel Zoe Project' Recap: Bye Bye Jeremiah Brent?

Jeremiah BrentI think Jeremiah Brent just got fired on The Rachel Zoe Project tonight. I'm not 100 percent sure it was an actual firing, but the more I replay his conversation with Rodger, I think Rodger did in fact at least try to let him go ... as unexpected and awkward as it was.

"The day-to-day is just probably going to have to end," Rodger told Jeremiah. What does that mean exactly? Probably? Immediately or somewhere down the line? I'm confused and not convinced it's going to be the last we see of him.

Rodger was never a fan of Jeremiah to begin with, seeing as he had no styling experience and wanted to be a stylist. But the guy has a good eye, which he proved in totally pimping out their new home to perfection, and Rachel liked him ... at least in the beginning. The more time that has gone by, however, she's been too wrapped up in her total love affair with Joey Maalouf and her pregnancy to even give Jeremiah much of a second thought. Timing just hasn't been on his side.


Then Jeremiah finally got his big break and was asked to go on the big Elle swimsuit styling shoot, but once there, he got to do pretty much nothing other than watch Rachel and Joey fawn all over one another. "I love you so much, Joey," and "Joey, you're the only one responsible enough to take pictures," she said, as Jeremiah stood silently squirming.

After that, Jeremiah went big and proposed to Mandana that he launch a whole new home line for Rachel. When Rodger called him in to talk, he was ecstatic thinking he was going to get the green light ... only he got a virtual pink slip. Rachel didn't want to let him go, but was too tired and pregnant to fight for him, so Rodger got his way for once and cut him due to costs.

But, like I said, I don't think that's the last we're going to see of Jeremiah working with Rachel. He's gotten too much screen time for them to just send him away so quickly. I think once Rachel's pregnancy brain clears and the baby arrives, she'll realize she didn't want to let him go ... and, as we know, Rachel gets what Rachel wants. In this case, I hope so. I've been rooting for Jeremiah, and I hope he gets the chance to prove himself. Plus he's really pretty to look at ... I'm not going to lie.

Do you think that's the end of Jeremiah Brent's working relationship with Rachel Zoe? Would you be sad to see him go?

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