The Most Popular Halloween Costume This Year Is What?!

halloween costumeT-minus 20 days until Halloween. Do you have your costume yet? You don't? Well, let me tell you, a lot of other people do. Come on, you know the drill. The second the clock strikes midnight on October 1, throngs of people young and old rush out to their nearest costume supplier to snatch up the most original (most slutty) Hallow's Eve garb they can find. Well, it doesn't go down exactly like that, but close.

Anyway, since so many people have already bought their boo-tiful costumes-in-a-bag, the National Retail Federation, who apparently works really hard around this time of year, took it upon themselves to discover what this year's most popular costume is ...

And you won't believe it.

So far -- and let's really stress the "so far" because lots of people (me) haven't gotten their costumes yet -- the most popular adult costume of the season is ... a witch! Pirate, vampire, zombie, and Batman followed behind. Also, randomly, looks like Charlie Sheen is going to be a popular 'stume.

For kids, well, the big winners there are princess (obvs), witch, Spider-Man, pirate, and a pumpkin. There was even a category for pets. Turns out the majority of cats and dogs this year will be trick-or-treating as pumpkins, devils, hot dogs, bees, and cats. (Phew, glad I got my bat costume when I did.)

Not gonna lie here, a little surprised that the witch is the number one costume so far. I mean, I like it. I always love me a good witch, but, really? Where'd that come from? I thought vampires were all the rage. Why didn't they earn the top spot? Witches are so old school.

Like I said, though, I feel like the National Retail Federation is jumping the gun a little, taking this survey now. It's only October 11. There is still plenty of time to purchase a costume. In fact, if you're like me, you just might want to wait until October 30, the last possible second, like you do with everything in your life. But then you'll get stuck wearing a clown costume that's four sizes too big. And that's never any fun.

What are you going to be for Halloween?


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Doomy234 Doomy234

Darn it. Witches were so unpopular for the longest time and I snagged a nice one last month. I really hope its not what everyone else is wearing! >.<

But I know a lot of people are going zombie this year, so maybe I will still be alright.

ChicH... ChicHippie

I think my husband is going as Waldo (knitting him a scarf and a hat) and my son is a baseball player. Not sure what I will be yet.. I have a little house on the prairie-esque costume if I don't figure something out. Who says we have to coordinate?


'stume? Really?

MadMe... MadMerlotMama

I'm going as Amy Winehouse. Wig is on order, I've got black ballet flats, skinny jeans, a white tank, black push up bra, and several lick 'em and stick 'em tattoos

kelli... kelli0585

I'm sick of the toddler gnomes.

nonmember avatar Laura

I always dress like a witch, because oddly enough I seem to have all the costume bits already.. and the black cat! I guess I fit the role naturally.

Bugzm... Bugzmomma

I just ordered a dinosaur costume. My son insisted that we be dinosaurs together.

Cassie Hancock

I'm going as Mileena from Mortal Kombat! The husband will be reptile!

Galen Wollenberg

Anita Keane

well first off...I believe the witch thing might be the main plot from True Bloods season and marketing..It's a cheaper costume than most others..And in the rotation of things..the witch is due...I'm sure next year will be zombies with the Walking Dead series. Plus It (zombies) might pickup after the show starts up later this week..Either way most retailers, candy makers and children (even us big ones) will look forward to the only no pressure fun of Halloween...

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