Pippa Middleton Shows Us How to Break Fall Fashion Rules

pippa middletonIt's mid-October, so technically that means it's fall, but, I don't know, the 80-degree weather we've been experiencing in New York is kind of making it hard to believe. Sooner or later, though, it's going to get cool out. (Right?) And when it does, we want to be ready. Wardrobe-wise.

We've already got our basics covered. Boots, jeans, comfy sweaters ad nauseum. And we already know what's in store for fall trends. But this picture of Pippa Middleton looking adorable in a brown dress and a black jacket got us thinking: What fashion rules are okay to break this fall?


Navy Blue and Black. Okay, so clearly, brown and black can work, if done properly. Why not navy and black? It's probably not the first color-combo that comes to mind when getting dressed, but throw it into your repertoire -- because it looks good on everyone. If you're scared to go full-blown black pants/blue shirt, try pairing a navy shift dress with black stockings and black shoes.

No White After Labor Day. This one's been around forever, and although there are plenty of people who break this rule, there are still those people who refuse to wear white come September. It all depends on how you wear it. If you roll into a party with white cotton pants and a button-down shirt, yeah, you're going to look unseasonable. But if you pair an all black jacket with a crisp white blazer, you're going to look like you're killing it.

Socks with sandals. I'm not talking Birkenstocks and white cotton socks, I'm talking thin nylon socks scrunched down with platform heels. Like this. You have to be pretty dang cool -- and confident -- to pull off this look, so if you go for it, go for it.

Mixing prints. Two different types of plaid? Stripes and polka dots? Leopard and stars? Yes, yes, and yes. Long gone are the days where you can only complement your print with a solid.

Open-toed shoes in the winter. Unless you're wearing what is clearly a "summer shoe" (I.E. it has a cork bottom), you're fine. I think these beige platform wedges from Aldo would look smashing with a pair of black or opaque tights. 

What other fashion rules do you break?


Image via Splash

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