Beyonce Tries Out a Kazillion New Looks in 'Countdown' (VIDEO)

BeyonceBeyonce's new video "Countdown" will make you dizzy, from its lightning quick pace to the staggering number of scene and costume changes.

And yet, there's something very likable about it ... click through to see some of Beyonce's new looks, as well as the full video, and tell me which of her many style variations in it is your personal fave!


BeyonceWe see Beyonce strutting her stuff in a floppy straw hat and American Apparel bodysuit ...


BeyonceAnd she wows in a button-down shirt and updo reminiscent of the slumber party scene in Grease ...


BeyonceThen she has an Audrey Hepburn moment (ca. Funny Face) ...

BeyonceAt some point, she transitions to a Supremes-style dress and wig.


BeyonceBefore you can get too comfortable with that look, though, she's Irene Cara in Fame!


BeyonceI don't know who she is here, but ... OKAY!


Now check out the video, which is definitely catchy:

Don't you agree?

Out of Beyonce's many, many looks, which one is your favorite? Are you a fan of this latest video?

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