Ben Stiller Mocks Guys in V-Necks in Hilarious 'Zoolander' Spoof (VIDEO)

ben stiller andy samberg SNLLike most women, I often wonder what in the world men are thinking half of the time when they dress themselves. Seriously, how they can believe that their father's old work boots from 10 years ago are socially acceptable or that the once-popular acid-washed jeans from their high school days still look good is beyond me. Sure, I may not exactly be up on the coolest current fashions for men -- but there is one trend for guys that I am totally into: V-necks.

Which is exactly why I couldn't stop laughing at this short Saturday Night Live skit poking fun at the hipster T-shirt fad. Featuring Ben Stiller and Andy Samberg -- and in true Zoolander form -- the duo have a "V-neck battle" to see exactly how low is too low. And let me tell you, it gets heated. Be prepared to laugh uncontrollably:


I love it. Ben Stiller's questionable haircut, the store employee, how adorable Andy Samberg looks in maroon -- all of it. Sure, they're poking fun at the V-neck shaped tee in this skit, but don't you think guys who wear (normal-looking) Vs can be sexy? A few weeks back, my boyfriend and I snagged some on a whim at the mall. And ever since, they've been his go-to for a casual night out.

Granted, you've got to make sure you pick the right color. Throwing on a plain white V with jeans isn't exactly the epitome of style. However, a black or dark-colored tee with a nice pair of jeans looks sleek without trying too hard. And the added bonus? The lightweight material isn't half as hot as, say, a polo or a long-sleeve. You know what that means, right? Less complaining. Any fashion choice that guarantees less bitching and a more enjoyable night out is beyond excellent in my book.

What do you think of men in V-necks?


Image via Hulu/NBC

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