Shoe Solutions for Style Mavens

Silver LiningsIf you're like me, you love wearing flats on days when you need to do lots of walking. (For most of us, that's most days, right?)

My go-to flats right now are an amazing pair of pony hair leopard print shoes, which I scored last year for just $40 from Charlotte Russe. They're so cute that I want them to last a long time, so I hated getting that sweaty-foot feeling when I started wearing them without socks.

That's when I remembered that I had a pair of Silver Linings just for this situation. Want to find out how it saved my shoes, and see other ingenious solutions for more of your shoe-wearing problems?

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Silver Linings are shoe liners that use a silver-based technology to keep bacteria from growing, which keeps your feet from smelling. The site goes into a bunch of scientific detail on how the technology works; all I know is that I slippled the liners into my shoes and that uncomfortable sweaty-foot feeling was GONE, GONE, GONE. Awesome!

The downside? Silver Linings don't last forever. Each pack costs $16 and comes with three sets of shoe liners, and each set of liners lasts about a month in your shoes. However, if you have an expensive pair of shoes that you want to keep in great shape, Silver Linings may well be worth the money.

Her RubAnother shoe product I read about recently and am DYING to try are Dr. Scholl's For Her Rub Relief Strips (, $7.99). It's basically a tape dispenser with a foam strip that can be custom-cut to fit any spot where your shoes are rubbing against your feet. I have several fancy pairs of shoes that I don't often wear simply because they cut into my foot; these strips would totally solve my problem!


Drugstore.comWhile researching the Rub Relief strips, I happened across this For Her Miracle Shield, which got absolute RAVES from customers. According to the product description, "Dr. Scholl's For Her Miracle Shield is a convenient way to protect your feet from irritation and rubbing. This formula goes on smooth and turns powder dry form an invisible barrier between you and your footwear." It sounds like it couldn't possibly work, frankly, but check out this review, which sounds pretty much like ALL the reviews I read about this product:

I was skeptical that this product would actually work, but I ordered 2 of them anyway (since they are impossible to find in drugstores). Well I was wrong -- this product REALLY works! I have extremely flat feet and so nearly every pair of shoes I have ever owned has given me blisters (Except for flip flops and sneakers). I rubbed some of this stuff on this morning before wearing a brand new pair of flats and I have not a single blister ... Not even a HINT of a blister! The areas on my feet where I would normally get blisters are actually red right now, but there is NO pain, and even better, NO blisters!

Foot PetalsFinally, Foot Petals may well be the gold standard of shoe inserts -- I know many women who swear by them. Foot Petals has lots of different kinds of inserts for your shoes, depending on what you need. These Tip Toe Shoe Pads (Foot Petals, $6.95) are designed to cushion the balls of your feet in heels. I'd love to try these out!

Which shoe products make your favorite pairs of kicks more wearable?

Images via Silver Linings,, Foot Petals

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