First Julia Roberts 'Snow White' Pics Emerge: What Do You Think? (PHOTOS)

Snow WhiteImages of Julia Roberts and Lily Collins' gorgeous gowns from the upcoming Snow White film have emerged and I'm predicting a major fairy tale-inspired fashion craze on the horizon!

If the initial photos are any indication, the film will certainly be fun to watch, regardless of the plot.

The costumes are elaborate ... sumptuous ... beautifully made. And despite her rigidly upswept hair, Roberts looks youthful and vibrant.

But as magnificent as Julia is in these photos, I suspect that the title actress, Lily Collins, will steal the show.

Want to see why?

Check out more photos after the jump -- then tell me what you think in the comments!



Lily Collins

Here, Lily Collins is seen in a swan-inspired gown at a ball ...


Julia Roberts

The costume designer definitely managed to showcase each character's personality based on costumes alone. Roberts' queen is clearly magnificent, powerful, and vain, while Snow White is sweet, demure, and effortlessly beautiful.


Snow White

I love this shot -- I'm hoping Red Riding Hood-style cloaks come back into fashion SOON!


Lily Collins
And finally, a full view of Roberts' red peacock gown. Oh my!

In addition to this Snow White film, Kristen Stewart is currently shooting another version of the fairy tale. And on television, the fairy tale-inspired shows Grimm and Once Upon a Time (written by the creators of Lost) are premiering soon. That's why it won't be any surprise to me if we start seeing elaborate gowns and cloaks on the runways in the near future -- Just think of the impact Mad Men has had on the fashion world. Why should fairy tales be any different?

What do you think of these first images from Snow White? Do they make you want to see the movie? And would you welcome a fairy tale fashion craze?


Images via Relativity Media

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poshkat poshkat

she looks like a good queen. they need to give her some dramatic make up to make her look evil

nonmember avatar lu

I thought the queen was supposed to be beautiful. . .Julia Roberts is NOT.

Jessica Moseley

I agree with poshcat. The queen looks to nice. More blacks and more dramatic makeup.

wdenise wdenise

I think they are going for a different view of evil. Just because she's not in black does not mean she's not bad. The Evil Queen is vain and prideful. Those adjectives are portrayed beautifully in those gowns which are stunning.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

I think she looks beautiful. But I agree, she does look too nice! Her dresses sure are incredible, though!

Lynette Lynette

looking forward to seeing it!

Melis... Melissa042807


Except the stuffed swan head. That I could do without. 

Dalla... DallasGirl214

I love it! Sometimes I wish I could dress like that. Lol

Kasey Comingore

i'm thinking the girl needs a slight eyebrow tweeze. i like the full brow look, but her's are about to connect!!
but the costumes are beautiful! i'm looking forward to seeing julia in a "bad" character.

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

LOVE the dresses, especially the swan dress and her yellow cloak. I will definitely go see this movie, I know the costumes won't disappoint me!

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