5 Fall Styles That Have a Magical Slimming Effect -- Voila!

plaid jacketFall catalogs are stacking up, making us all feel inadequate, so it's time to do something meaningful with the misery and make our fall wardrobes wonderful. So you didn't lose the ten extra pounds over the summer like you'd hoped. Me neither. But that's no excuse NOT to shop for great-looking clothes this season. In fact, the only answer to the extra-ten-pounds woe is buying clothes that fit your ten-pounds-heavier body, which actually makes you look and feel thinner. I swear it's true!

Plus, this fall there are many slimming trends and styles that can help camouflage problem areas, from tummies to thighs to waists that are shorter than the length of my index finger (shut up I was born this way, and no I don't have an extra long index finger). They won't all work for everyone -- because we're all perfectly imperfect in different ways -- but I promise you'll find a few that will make you feel fabulous!

Let's take a peek at 5 fall styles with a magical slimming effect!


cardigan ZARALong Jacket ($59.90) at ZARA

1. Long cardigans

A slightly longer cardigan, worn open or closed, can elongate your body. Cardigans are the perfect basic to wear all autumn and winter long, and the color choices are endless. Layer with T-shirts or blouses and pair with skinny jeans or fitted trousers.

twill blazer gapTwill Blazer ($98 $29.99) at Gap

2. Fitted blazers

A well-fitting blazer can not only magically make you look super put together, but it it can also have a slimming effect. Look for a blazer that comes in slightly at the waist and hits just below the hip. The right fit is the most important so don't be afraid to take yours to a tailor to get it sized just right all over. Perfect with trousers, skirts, and even jeans. Wearing a lighter-colored blouse or T-shirt underneath can also make you waist look smaller -- it's magic!

Ruched Bubble Hem Shirt Dress
Ruched Bubble Hem Shirt Dress ($68.50) at Torrid

3. Dresses with a waistline

Nothing slims an apple or pear shape more than creating a waistline, whether there is one or not. As a member of the super-short-waisted club, this has been an invaluable fashion lesson for me. Visually it totally takes off the poundage. This belted shirt dress would be adorable with tights, boots, and a long cardigan.

4. Ruching

Can I get an "Amen!" from my busty sisters in the name of ruching (that's that gathered fabric look shown on the charcoal dress above)? I love me some ruching at the chest -- it's like an instant minimizer. If you'd like to play down your breasts or a tummy, look for well-fitting blouses with ruching in the front. My less-endowed sisters can work ruching to their advantage too. It has a magical way of creating more where there's less and less where there's more.

plaid passporter jacketPlaid Passporter Coat ($298) at Madewell

5. 3/4-Length Coats

The three-quarter-length coat works similar to the long cardigan, elongating your torso, and it also shows off your legs. The best news is they look great with tailored trousers, skinny jeans, or even skirts and tights. Look for a coat that hits mid-thigh -- any longer can look oversized and give you the opposite effect than what you're going for.

What fall styles do you find to be the most slimming for your figure?

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