Separate Hair Salons for Fat Women Is a Bangin' Idea

hair salonThe very thought of hair salons segregated by weight sounds mean, disgusting, and discriminating except when you hear a British hairstylist named Trim Basher Brown (yes, that's his name!) defend the whole concept.

Brown had heard from many of his plus-sized clients that they absolutely hated going to the hair salon. Why? Because the gowns and chairs were too small; the basins to wash hair were too narrow; there were unfriendly mirrors everywhere; they felt stared at and intimidated by all the slimmer women walking around ... basically, going to the hair salon made them feel crappy about themselves. Can you even imagine? Getting your hair cut is supposed to make you feel sexy and beautiful!

Based on their feedback, Brown came up with a brilliant idea:


He's opened a hair salon that specifically caters to plus-sized women. What does that mean exactly? Well, it has extra-large seats, roomier gowns, wide-neck basins for washing hair, and, one can only assume, a more inclusive, plus-sized-friendly attitude.

The most adorable thing about Brown's idea is that it wasn't entirely motivated by money; rather, he was inspired by his wife, Julie, who is a size 26:

Before she met me she hated getting her hair cut and avoided it as much as possible. It was only when she met me that she started enjoying getting her hair done. It just seemed so wrong that someone as gorgeous as my wife would worry about going to the hairdressers. I just thought it was about time it was made an enjoyable experience for women like her.


Of course, the only way this is going to work is if plus-sized women actually want to go to a separate salon. If going to an ordinary salon is so traumatic for them that they'd prefer staying home, then they should absolutely have access to a place that makes them feel comfortable. It's sad to think that women can be so critical of each other that something like separate salons would become necessary. But if it's the difference between making a woman feel like crap and feel amazing, then I don't have a problem with it.


Image via Travel Salem/Flickr

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