Evan Rachel Wood's Gross Leather Dress Is a Fashion Fail

evan rachel woodAt the premiere of The Ides of March on Wednesday, Evan Rachel Wood walked the red carpet in a detective's costume she found in the back of the prop closet. That's what it looked like, anyway. The True Blood actress who plays an intern in George Clooney and Ryan Gosling's new political thriller looked downright awful in her calf-length burnt red leather coat dress, pointy high heels, and floppy felt hat. What was she thinking?

I didn't even recognize the 24-year-old beauty when I first saw the photos. I was all, who let Shirley Holmes onto the step-and-repeat? Is she and her gum-shoe partner trying to solve some sort of mystery? Naturally, when I found out it was Evan Rachel, I was flabbergasted, and not just a little upset.


I do not care that the dress/coat is made by Gucci or that her heels are Ferragamo. As Countess LuAnn says, even designers sometimes make mistakes. ERW should know better. From the giant bow in the front to her rain hat to the overall color of the ensemble, everything is just wrong. It's something I would expect Diane Keaton to wear, which is obviously not a compliment. When someone goes from looking like this to looking like that, there might be rehab around the corner.

Wood's outfit is definitely the worst of the week and is in the running to be the worst of the year. Can we talk about how sweaty she must be in that thing? I bet when she went to take it off, her pets drowned in the deluge that was released from her pits and under-boob area. She is such a beautiful and talented woman, I hate to see her looking such a mess.

I hope Wood reconsiders letting her blind friend with a leather fetish dress her before her next event because I can't stand to see her looking like this. Fashion fail.

What do you think of Evan Rachel Wood's look?


Photo via Stephen Lovekin/Getty

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