Steve Jobs Death Makes These Shirts a Fashion Must-Have

steve jobsIf there are two things Steve Jobs will be remembered for, it's his ingenuous, innovative products that single-handedly changed the way the world communicates ... and his ability to rock a black turtleneck like nobody's business.

Whether he was unveiling the company's latest gadget, delivering a keynote speech, or simply posing for a press photo, Apple's founder was always accompanied by his signature dark mock turtleneck.

And wanna hear something crazy, but kind of believable? Since Jobs' untimely death, St. Croix turtleneck sales, unlike Apple stock, have sky-rocketed.


According to a rep for St. Croix, the company that makes Jobs' favorite sweaters, as soon as news broke that the former CEO had passed, their mock turtlenecks flew off the shelves faster than the iPad 2. They claim they've experienced an "almost 100 percent increase in sales." They also say they're currently planning a memorial for Jobs, but haven't decided exactly how to honor the loyal customer. The rep said, "We have a great respect for everything he did and we're glad he believed in our American-made product."

The thing about the black, mock turtlenecks is ... well, you really can't see one without thinking of Steve Jobs. It was his look -- his uniform, if you will. And much like everything else he did in life, it really can't be duplicated by anyone.

Buying a piece of clothing, or getting a hairstyle, just because somebody else you admire has it doesn't make you them. It makes you somebody who wants to be them -- and that's okay! I can't really think of a better person to aspire to be than Steve Jobs. But what's important -- and perhaps helpful -- to keep in mind is, Steve would have never imitated anybody.

Can you see a black, mock turtleneck without thinking of Steve Jobs?


Image via segagman/Flickr

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