'Project Runway' Recap: Kimberly Turns Tragedy Into Triumph

kimberly goldson project runway Oooooh my goodness, there was a LOT going on during tonight's episode of Project Runway! It was almost as if they were purposely messing with the remaining six designers, because every other minute, TIm had to deliver news of a new wrench being thrown into the plan. But the basics remained the same: The designers were split into teams of two, were told to each create a high-fashion runway look inspired by an exotic bird (a raven, a parrot, and a cockatoo), but the hitch was that the teammates were competing not with, but against one another in a head-to-head challenge. The winning look would be featured in a L'Oreal Paris advertorial in Marie Claire, and the winner would get a $20K cash prize. Wuh-oh, you KNOW the claws were coming out! (Pun possibly intended.)


Joshua and Bert got the parrot, Laura Kathleen and Anya got the raven, and Viktor and Kimberly got the cockatoo. Seemed like fun to me!

Then, 10 hours into designing their first look, Tim said they'd each have to come up with a SECOND, as well! So it was back to Mood. So stressful! But hey, that's where they are in the competition now, so if you can't take the heat ... 

At one point, it really seemed like Kimberly couldn't. Her looks just weren't coming together. She sewed through her finger -- OUCH! -- and locked herself in the restroom sobbing. It seems like this challenge especially put a lot of pressure on everyone. I don't blame her for reaching a breaking point!

When Tim came around and noticed how down she was, he told her he was her cheerleader, and even walked around her table to give her a hug. Awwww. Love him! And maybe his encouragement was just what she needed, because from that point on, she picked herself up and got on with it, saying she planned to make like Anya last week and turn tragedy into triumph! Even after one of her designs got BURNED by some kind of hot glue gun accident, she started a whole new design that she put together in three hours. It was a really incredible, fluttery, elegant Grecian goddess dress that definitely worked with the inspiration of the cockatoo without being too literal. 

And that's how you make it work.

But yet ... before their models took the runway, Tim presented ANOTHER surprise, surprise! The designers had to pick just one of their two looks to show. Crazy!

In the end, the designers at the bottom of each pair (Bert, Laura, and Viktor) were too literal in their bird interpretations. Anya won for her solid black structured, raven-inspired shift, which really illustrated that she stepped out of her comfort zone. But I do agree with Laura Kathleen and Joshua ... it's a little disconcerting that she was basically stitching her model into the thing at the last minute. The chick does not know how to sew, and like Joshua said, true talent will prevail in the end. (With hope, sheesh!) As far as I'm concerned, though, this was Kimberly's week! But it was not ... Bert's. Ah, well. He wasn't surprised he was out, since he couldn't even defend his dress.

Now, there are only FIVE. Wow! The heat is ON!

Were you impressed with Kimberly's turnaround? Do you think Anya deserves to go home soon?


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