Teach Your Kid His ABCs. With Your Legs.

Kourtney KardashianYesterday, I showed you Kourtney Kardashian's leopard print tights.

Well apparently, Kourtney has a real affinity for offbeat legwear because an hour or so later, this photo appeared in my inbox, along with a PR pitch encouraging me to tell mommies to use these Pretty Polly House of Holland Alphabet Tights (HerRoom, $30) TO TEACH MY KID HIS ALPHABET.


I'm all about using unusual techniques when it comes to teaching my children, but alphabet hosiery?

I think that's taking it a bit far.

What about you?


Here's the pitch from the email:

Our favorite celebrity mom Kourtney Kardashian is proving that fashion doesn’t have to stop on the streets, but instead showing that “education is chic.” And what better way to teach your little one the ABC’s than by wearing this season’s hottest accessory, House of Holland for Pretty Polly hosiery. The Kardashians once again show they are right on trend, and this is on Mommy’s are all going to want to follow.  

I don't know, I question whether Kourtney put these on thinking that she'd use her gams to teach Mason his letters. I think she probably just thought they were cool.

Beyond that, if you have a child that's at the letter-learning stage, I've got news for you -- black hose are not going to last long around your kid. Do you really want to spend $30 on them?

You'd be better off just writing the alphabet on your legs in Sharpie.

So what do you think, ladies? Would you buy a pair of $30 Alphabet tights to teach your child his ABCs?


Image via BrandLink Communications

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