Kim Kardashian Accused of Stealing Designs -- Again

kim kardashianEvery time Kim Kardashian's empire grows, an angel gets its wings. And a new person gets pissed off. This time it's jewelry designer Alexis Bittar, who's saying Kim's bauble designs for her jewelry line, Belle Noel, are way too similar to his designs to be a coincidence. Especially since Kim has worn his stuff on the red carpet in the past.

Bittar told the New York Post that after seeing "her designs," he would no longer be lending Kim his jewelry. "I passed the Dash pop-up store on Broadway, and I saw that Kim’s pieces were very similar to mine, and she definitely has been taking note. The tricky thing is that we have sent pieces to Kim in the past to wear, so now I have told my staff we cannot send anything to her. She was definitely influenced by my designs without a doubt."

The messed up part is, this is now the second time Kim's been accused of biting someone else's designs.


A few months ago, accessories designer Monica Botkier accused the Kardashians of ripping off her "Clyde" bag for their Kardashian Kollection for Sears. It's hard to say if they ripped it off ripped it off, but it does look eerily similar. At the time of the accusation, I chalked it up to a freaky coincidence and the fact that most handbags look similar these days. But this jewelry thing is making me think twice now.

A pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring from Belle Noel all bear a striking resemblance to pieces from Alexis Bittar's line, which, again, Kim has worn. Do I think Kim intentionally copied pieces from his line? Eh, not sure. But sort of leaning toward no. The woman tries on/wears 900 pieces of jewelry per week. I kind of doubt she even realized she was imitating him. Also, despite the fact that Alexis' pieces are really beautiful, they're not exactly unbelievably original works of art. They're nice pieces of jewelry. That sort of look like other nice pieces of jewelry. 

Bittar has no plans to press charges on Kim and her design team. I guess he feels his lack of lending jewelry to her in the future is punishment enough. Although she can always wear her line now.

Check out one of the rings. Too similar?


Do you think Kim ripped Alexis Bittar off?


Image via David Livingston/Getty/shopbop/Alexis Bittar

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